Praise the Lord for HIS marvelous work on CMTC K2 2019 and Special thanks to entire UESI, all the Core Team members, Highfield staff, all campers all Supporters and Contributors for CMTC K2 – 19. It began with an enthusiastic theme “Equipped to Entrust”.

Started on 12th June 19 with 28 Students and 7 core team members representing 12 states, directed by Mr. Amos Avula. He was well supported by the Core Team: M/s. Sagar Pandey, Emmanuel Shubhakar, Phoebe Emmanuel, Madhusudan Reddy, Aarti Reddy, Prabhakar, and Jessy Jacob. Shout aloud Wow! CMTC K2 ended with the surplus of Rs.17000 +. CMTC K2 2019 has also raised Rs.10150/- to support for the IFES missions in a country of South Asia. It’s amazing!

Impact of CMTC K2 ‘19:

1. Served as a catalyst in our lives personally: Amidst His beautiful creation, high among the clouds, were reminded of our designer and how the remote of our lives lies in His hands. 15 days of CMTC was an experience of seriously Learning and Unlearning in many ways.
CMTC taught & guided me give full control of my life to God and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak and guide me. Learnt the Mentor-Mentee relationship through the lives of Paul and Timothy our responsibilities as committee members. I learnt to be skillful disciple & an equipped leader willing to serve and make new leaders through devotional sessions.
Hence my prayer that each of us return as enthusiastically as we stepped into Highfield- with the zeal to work for God, keeping in mind that a plentiful harvest awaits in store for workers like us.

2. My joyful experience: “Developed Concern towards society and environment. Realized the real cost of discipleship and committed to be ready to pay it. The call for servant and successive leadership and obey it. Mentoring two juniors to become good disciples and leaders.”

3. “CMTC challenged me to become a true servant of Jesus Christ and to pay the cost of discipleship and building up a character of a true leader within me. I want to be a living scripture not just talking scripture so that others can see Jesus in me.”

4. “Decided first to lead a Christ-like Life and then a Ministry Oriented Life; Doctrines in detail and the thought provoking Devotions inspired me! Before I leave my campus: I want to develop my area cell and do Personal Evangelism at large, win at least one soul and mentor a servant leader.”

5. Refreshed, Remolded and Challenged: “The Doctrines refreshed me, Devotions remolded my thinking on a Godly life. Cost of Discipleship and Servant leadership were a big challenge for me. The humility in CMTC influenced me a lot. I will do my part that reflects the image of Christ.”

6. Challenged to live holy life: “My thought life was corrected here through the devotional sessions. And the practical talk on personal Evangelism benefitted me. 2 by 2 sessions and the lives of the resource persons really challenged me to live a holy life.”

7. Great work of God on me: “Coming from other faith, I learned how to be a successful leader with good character, personal walk with God, Personal evangelism, Successive leadership, Servant leadership, 2 Tim 3 & 4 & Study forum have challenged me most.”

8. Unforgettable CMTC & It was God’s plan for me: “Awesome and Heart Touching CMTC revived my Personal Spiritual life to Live a Holy Life for God.
The Love of Core Team Members inspired me a lot to serve God and to Show God’s Love to others. Learned PBS well and how to take GBS. The Coordination of Core Team Members was excellent.”

9. Amazing work of God Praisy in His training: “All along the sessions I felt as if God sitting with me, speaking to me and correcting my life just like a doctor does to his patients. God challenged me to improve my whole life to use my talents and strengths by Servant Leadership, Successive Leadership and Nehemiah.”

10. Practical Humility Challenged me: “I learnt Practical lessons from Paul’s leadership characteristics and mentoring to Timothy through 2 Timothy book study. Lives and testimonies of all core team challenged me, especially their Practical Humbleness during special dinner.”

All glory to God alone!
Amos Avula, SSIC – C.G, Raipur.


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