“SHOULD I NOT BE CONCERNED. . . ?” UESI National Missions Conference 2018


UESI National Missions Conference 2018, was held in Jaipur, Rajasthan, with the theme, “Should I not be concerned…?”, from Jonah 4:11. The key note address helped us focus at the heart of God in the field of missions.

The Bible expositions from the life of Jonah as a believer, helped us learn about God’s concern and passion for the deliverance of His own. The sessions on World Survey and India Survey opened our eyes to the need of God’s Work in the unreached areas of the world and the country, and the dearth of people ready to reach out. Devotions were a reflection of God’s perspective of missions.

The plenary seminars on Student Missions and the session on Pioneering ministry were down to earth and encouraging with live examples from the speakers’ life and ministry. We learnt how it could actually be done through prayer, faith and ‘people of peace’ (Luke 10:6). The various elective seminars gave exposure to the specific fields of missions.

The final message was for a call to work with God. The participants lit candles as a mark of an oath to respond faithfully to God’s call.
The testimonies, prayer time and songs had made meaningful impact on all. We could see the result of prayer in the arrangements and in the sharing of participants about the burden to work for the Lord.

Some Testimonies:
1. ” God encouraged me, by reminding and strengthening my calling as a tentmaker which I took 12 years ago”. – Samuel Jaison, Chandigarh.
2. “God’s will is no mystery” are the words I take home with me”. – David, Haryana
3. “I was specially blessed by the Medical Missions seminar, as I got a clearer perspective of what I can do through my profession.”. – Elisha, Rajasthan.
4. “The sessions helped me understand that I can do something for the Lord”. – Asha, UESI-MH Coordinator.
5. “The Seminar sessions on Counselling, Student ministry and Medical Missions were insightful to help me reach out to others in love, not just superficially sharing the gospel, but doing it as a lifestyle …”. Theja Tseikha, Rajasthan
97 students, 94 graduates and 27 staff/ coordinators were attended. 16 states participated from 6 zones. More participants were blessed from North.

Ms. Praisy David, Baroda


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