The first ever State Committee Orientation Programme was held on 10th & 11th of February’18, at Tezpur Assam with 22 delegates. The session started with worship led by the Tezpur University EU followed by Group Bible Study on Acts 15:1-31.

We learnt the importance of governance and stewardship. The sessions made us to reflect on our attitude and actions as a committee member in the team ministry. The resource person Bro. J. Selvadurai, UESI Staff for OPEC, highlighted about ROI (Return on In-vestment) for the Ministry and the significance of having a balanced relationship among stakeholders, management and board colleagues. The session on Vision and Mission statements of UESI helped the committee set milestones to achieve the same. The sessions on the 3 important M’s i.e., men, money and material which are required to run the ministry effectively and efficiently and on Twelve responsibilities of a State Committee were real eye openers.

Bro. Protul Bania, State Staff in charge and Bro. L. K. Mushahary State President presented the State ministry report. This helped the participants to get exposure of the existing ministry and initiatives taken to achieve the Vision 2020 in the state. The programme ended with a very interesting game making the participants realize the essential features to achieve the milestone as a team. The participants learnt from the Tower game about Teamwork, patience, initiative, optimistic, confidence, unity etc.

The programme helped us evaluate and humbly accept the lacunae in Assam which motivated us to pray and make efforts to set right.

Participants share:
Learnt about ‘Principles and practices of Highly Effective Committee’. Mrs. Anita Deori.
Got idea about how to fulfil my responsibilities and serve as a Leader. Mr. Ram Babu Mandala.
“By attending the programme, we learnt about doing our duties properly as Committee Members”. Ms. Adlin Soy.
“Learnt about the importance of every Committee Member to have a up to date knowledge of needs and to personally involve in bringing about a qualitative and quantitative growth of UESI”. Dr. Michael.

Mr. Rinku, Tezpur EU.


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