Rx . . . Thankfulness- a spiritual disinfectant


“It’s buying, selling and indulgences that makes the modern man. However, there is less joy, less contentment and less celebration” Richard Foster
Beloved Brothers & Sisters,
Greetings . . .
Discontentment is a growing infection in the society. Even with the flood of technologies to make life easy, facilities that make life comfortable compared to the yester generations, people nag, grumble and keep on nagging and grumbling. There is an old song by Thoro Harris called the grumbling song–“In country, town or cities”, (see the box for lyrics) Even while 99 things are right, some people can find ONLY the one thing that has gone wrong and we find people who work with a spirit… “the ONE thing that I seek- hunting for something that has gone wrong”

Growing in a grumbling culture, we often underestimate how that has robbed us from a joyful living with smiles on our faces spilling over from the thankfulness in our hearts… In fact grumbling is an infection that affect life totally, like an infection that affect our human body, reducing us individually to live a painful life and spreading it as a cancer to the communities that we belong.

We can’t blame the world of consumerism for this. Yes, they advertise on product features, in a way that we otherwise have nothing!!! And believing in those advertisements we shrink -to believe that we have lost and are underprivileged!!!

Psychologists often suggest that it is failures and growing discontentment in one area make them negative even elsewhere as an old proverb says “a defeat at market place , but its macho anger to his poor wife at home” Failures (or discontentment) at offices or elsewhere reflects at home and fellowship or vice versa.
Further we grumble about people, fellowships, churches, and anything and everything that comes on our way. We fail to become encouragements for one another- sharing and helping to carry each one’s burdens. If only we relate to God in thankfulness in personal lives, we can be encouragement to others.

I remember a walk with Very Rev. P T Chandapilla. It was so natural of him to connect to scripture verses and contexts in regular conversations. And in one such conversation he linked “Jesus Christ came to save sinners … (rest he paused for me to fill in) and I wrongly filled in “I was the chief”). To my wonder he stood still on the way and made me correct the tense immediately …to “IAM the chief”(not I WAS). II Timothy is believed to be Paul’s last letter, towards the fag end of his spiritual journey. And there that giant Paul who found reasons to appreciate the little Timothy, relates to himself in present tense “Jesus Christ came to save sinners, of whom I AM the chief”.

How much more should we?
Oh how our lives will be transformed when we live and work with that reality, than covering it up to grumble about others. How can we stop thanking God for one another when we a filled with the gratitude to God for His forgiveness in personal lives. The Scripture strictly instruct us to be thankful and worshipful to God. And that vertical strong relation would make us different. I often wonder- what good that the Lord has found in me.. It seems he was hunting for reasons to love me – and he loved me even when He didn’t find it. This same nature will be ours when we constantly connect to Him in gratitude and thankfulness to Him. And that nature, hunting reasons to seek the good (sometime the too little good) in others to love them would make us cherish a relationship with them. Continual thankfulness, and worshipfulness can be a spiritual disinfectant in our lives, if not an anti-biotic that can clear up infections…

On Finances, we are treading on rough roads. We tried for a half-yearly closing without any deficit. It didn’t happen and we lag behind by over 35L.However, let us praise God for His amazing provisions. Our receipts during April- Sept 2017 is 2.2 Cr (2.06 Cr through Indian Accounts and 14L through FCRA). This is over 15% more than the corresponding period last year. Praise God!!! We should have been at 2.9 Cr (against the budget of 5.8 Crat national for the year 2017-18). Of the gap of 70L, a minimum 35L is for the dues we should have cleared or provisioned as on 30th Sep. Remaining 35L are departmental/project expenses which will be incorporated as much as the actuals in income and expenses.

Now, let us not give up, let us try to close December without shortfalls.

Kindly be in prayer for 119L in the next 45 days (as we have a practice of closing December with staff salaries along with Christmas Gifts before 15th December). Please pray and participate . . .
With you in Christ
Reji. K. Daniel

A Hymn by Thoro Harris
In country town or city,
Some people can be found,
Who spend their time in grumbling
At everything around,
Oh yes, they always grumble,
No matter what we say,
For these are chronic grumblers,
And they grumble night and day
Oh. . . they grumble on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Grumble on Thursday too; Grumble on Friday, Saturday, Sunday;
Grumble the whole week through
They grumble in the city,
They grumble on the farm,
They grumble at their neighbors,
They think it is no harm;
They grumble at their husbands,
They grumble at their wives,
They grumble at their children
But the Grumblers are never thrives
They grumble when it’s raining,
They grumble when it’s dry,
And if the crops are failing,
They grumble and they sigh;
They grumble at low price,
And they grumble when they’re high,
They grumble all the year round,
And they grumble till they die
They grumble at the preacher,
They grumble at his prayers
They grumble at his preaching,
They grumble everywhere;
They grumble at God’s people,
And say is all display;
But holy folks don’t grumble,
They will spend their time to pray
They stay away from meeting,
Because it’s hot or cold,
Or else it looks like raining
A headache or a cold;
And when the offerings taken,
They’re sure to pout or sigh;
And say they feel so angry
Always money is the cry.
If you don’t quit your grumbling,
And stop it now and here,
You’ll lose your crown in heaven,
No grumblers get a cheer
Repent and be converted,
Be saved from all your sin;
You know that grumbling Christians
Find it hard a crown to win.

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