RU-BA-RU (Face to Face)


This was Organized by UESI Delhi on 30th September 2018 at the GS office, New Delhi. Delhi being a capital of our country it is also a capital of a neighbors’ community. In this workshop we realized that we have 12% neighbors’ population in Delhi. Unfortunately, though we have a heart for unsaved students we have hardly taken any efforts to work among this community.

Main focus of this workshop was to help students and young graduates to get the vision and the burden for the lost souls from this community. By God’s grace, the speakers gave a clear picture of this ministry, we also discussed some of the struggles and practical suggestion on how to minister among them. We also had two local pastors as participants and got equipped. A Short booklet was distributed to all participant. By Bro. Hoffmann.

Main sessions included 1.Who are neighbors? – Biblical understanding by Rev. Rahul, 2. Making the bridge by Bro. Hoffmann, 3.Road map by Bro. Rajesh and 4.Testimony of MBB by Sis. Josiyana.

Our future plan:
1. Creating a group of people to prayonce a month.
2. Our staff with students andgraduate to motivate for the upcoming I consultation.
3. Networking with like-minded organization to conduct 2-3-day training workshop
4. Taking students for outreach programs and interviews in Neighbors’ university.

The workshop ‘’RU-BA-RU’’ was quite an enlightening experience to us. We had well experienced speakers who expounded on Islam the faith of neighbours and delved into the nuances of the subject. We also listened to the brief of personal calling of another resource person to serve among the Neighbors and a lot of information, substantiating with his personal experiences in South Africa. The testimony of a Neighbor-background believer was very powerful. Altogether it was an awakening call for me to pray for the Neighbors. S. Wiselyn Amy, Delhi
Before this workshop, I was not concerned about the Neighbor friends. But nowI have learnt something about their beliefs and how sharing gospel with Neighbors friends will be difficult task. I will pray meaningfully and share the gospel. Satyam Delhi

Satyam, Delhi


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