We thank God for as B a r e i l l y Region we could have one Day Evangelistic Retreat at Rampur Methodist Church by the initiative of our Graduate family Mrs Ankita Griffin and Mr Piyush Griffin. We praise God for their efforts and hard work.
Bro. Kapil Masih (Badaun EGF), Bro. Jaswant S. Prasad (Bareilly EGF) and Br. Prabir Kumar Jena (Staff) led the sessions Devotion, Practical Talk and Doctrine(SIN and Salvation) respectively. Bro. Madhav, graduate from Vilaspur joined hands to help us. Total 18 Students could attend the Retreat, we got a good response as per the feedback. 6 of them could understand a bit of the Salvation, but the rest need more attention in future. Pray for the needed follow up.
Kindly remember Rampur Ministry especially our Graduate family Mrs Ankita and Mr. Piyush in your prayers.
Prabir Kumar Jena, UESI Staff Worker


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