Quiet time and PBS workshop were held in Mizpah, Karunya Nagar, and Coimbatore with 17 delegates (6 first timers) from Karunya University, from 10th September to 11th September 2019. Delegates were taught and trained by Samuel uncle and Suhasini aunty (Staff Couple, UESI – Karnataka) and were supported by KN Graduates.

Suhasini aunty started the camp with a keynote address on “THE IMPORTANCE OF THE WORD OF GOD”. Delegates learnt how to do QUIET TIME and PERSONAL BIBLE STUDY. Delegates were made to practice doing PBS on their own and have given a presentation on the same. The camp closed with the final challenge presented by Samuel uncle.

We thank the Lord for his amazing grace throughout the camp and for his provisions.

Reneeth Prakash, Karunya Nagar EU


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