Prophetic Calling!!


UESI enters its 64th year this month! The Lord has sustained this work in spite of our failures and shortcomings. The context in which the Lord started this work in the early fifties and the present context are different. Yet, the calling to reach out to the student community remains the same. Our forefathers dreamt of UESI being a prophetic movement in our Nation. The Central Committee (AGM) of 1971 has articulated this need in clear terms:

“We can note the following factors about the Old Testament prophets which are essential to those exercise the gift today:

1. A vital and intimate personal knowledge of God coupled with a firm grasp of His Word.
2. A clear conviction enabling him to speak from his innermost being with a “thus says the Lord”.
3. The ability to make his God given message relevant to the needs around him. This requires a discerning of the spiritual weaknesses, and the inadequate ideas of God of the people which he is living among.

“We must bear in mind that the greatest opponents of the prophets in the Old Testament were the false prophets. We are in danger of being false prophets ourselves. The following ‘traps’ are to be kept in mind in exercising as the mind of God.

1. The danger of substituting carnal dogmatism for spiritual authority resulting in stating our own pet theories as the mind of God.
2. The danger of spiritual pride – the Old Testament prophet was characterized by a deep concern for his own people and God’s glory.
3. The danger of separating organically from those we minister to. Let us pray for His grace that we will remain faithful to this calling and move ahead with confidence and caution.

Teachers Day!
As we celebrate the Teachers Day this month let us gratefully remember the teachers who have invested their time and talents in our lives. The formal and informal learning that they have imparted to us have been instrumental in shaping our character and values. Today as the world of education goes virtual, the importance of learning from our teachers in class room situations and face to face learnings have got many challenges.
Christians have a great responsibility in the field of education. As I had mentioned in my last letter, the fields of education and health have slowly slipped out of the hands of Christians. Money and power have gained control over dedication and sacrifice. These values have to be regained with Christian commitment. We need dedicated teachers who will take up this as a calling from God to serve in these institutions to teach and show the values of the Kingdom to the ever increasing student community. If UESI cannot produce these teachers, who else can do this? Even for the flourishing of the student ministry on campuses, we need the presence of more teachers in every campus.

Fortnight Prayer: As UESI celebrates its formation day this month, special fortnight prayers are being mobilized. I would earnestly request you to join your local groups and pray for the needs of UESI ministry.
The Revised Vision 2020 plan has been circulated to the constituency last month. We have been mobilizing special prayer for the pioneering states of Haryana, Punjab and Sikkim.

Half Yearly Closing of our Accounts has been recommended by AGM 2017. We have many needs this month. We would value your prayers and support.

As the country goes through various changes let us pray fervently for the leaders of our nation that they would rule and administer with discernment and wisdom so that they will be instruments in His hands to fulfill His plans.

Arul Manohar


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