Passing on the Baton


“Yesterday, Today, Forever Jesus is the same.
All may change but Jesus never!! Glory to His name”
“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” Hebrews 13: 8

Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

What a joy to pass on the baton after four years of front-line stewardship of UESI Finances! Indeed it has been a great learning – a learning how God forms, maintains and equips a community in and for His mission and how He provides so faithfully for the vision. I really thank God for the privilege that He gave me to be a part of the movement in these growth years.

UESI National AGM 2018 at Gurugram, Haryana was attended by over 275 participants, as represented from 27 states of India. And as reported in my treasurer’s report at AGM, personally I am in awe of how God has been providing for UESI. A quick glance through the consolidated audited statements of accounts reminds us of King David’s praise and prayer in I Chronicles 29:10-16. Yes, who are we, as UESI- to receive and give to this tune (of 18 Crores as the consolidated accounts – state- 1.5 Crores a month/ about 5 Lacs a day throughout the year?). Yes, that and BEYOND is what HE has done… ALL PRAISE, GLORY and HONOUR TO HIM.

At National alone, it was a privilege to witness God’s amazing doings in finances through His provisions from 260 L (22 L per month in 2013-14) to 540 L (45 L per month) for the regular needs. See the graph and praise God for it is the Lord’s doing and marvellous in or eyes. With these, as we move ahead with the budget of 660 L (55L per month) for the current year, I am confident in the Lord that He will provide. For our Lord Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever” Heb. 13:8

It is a special joy to pass on the baton to Bro. Franky Fernandes, whom I first met in the year 1991 at a Discipleship Training Camp where I was leading the IBS workshop. Keen as a student of God’s word right from his student days, Franky has been active in the Lord’s work all along. As a young graduate he was the treasurer of Mumbai EGF. Married to Shabeena, they make their home in Hyderabad with their children Neysa and Areta. Shabeena is a Speech and Language Pathologist, a homemaker who also serves as a guest lecturer in a Speech and Audiology College. Franky is a keen Bible teacher who also has served as a deacon at his church for a few years. Proficient in the finance domain with his experience for the last 25 years, currently he is serving as a director in the renowned Franklin Templeton Investments Ltd. Let us welcome Franky and pray that the Lord will continue to equip and shepherd him. He can be contacted at and

While passing on the baton and succession, I remember our dear and respected Rev P T Chandapilla who served UESI from 1956 to 1976 (and as our pioneering GS from 1959 to 1976). I was privileged to associate with him for a few years while he was our pastor. Very often he used to enquire of UESI to pray for. During the year 2000, when Maharashtra was preparing for decentralization, some of us requested him to attend the decentralization consultation right in Pune. But, very lovingly, he refused to attend the consultation. Since the early decentralizations took place while he served as GS, we expected his guidance on a variety of issues we were discussing at that time, but he lovingly declined our invitation to attend. He was healthy and those were days when he was working on formative aspects of some new initiatives in the church. However, for UESI he said,“God has called you all for this time, and I will be praying for you.”I wonder how, as an expert, he could trust people like us to handle such matters like decentralization! On our insistence, he came and gave us the inaugural devotion, speaking from Genesis 12, expounding to us the purpose of God’s blessing and new directions. But soon after the devotion, he prayed with us and left the site of consultation after a loving fellowship with two of his successors present there, Bro. James Ratnaraj and Bro. Mathew Varghese. UESI has been an amazing example of such a flow of leadership. No one-man-ship ever. Time to time He chose people to lead and nurture His work with His creativity. That is the model that I would like to pursue, to fully stand with my successor and support without interference, but with efforts to build up the community.

On finances, August, the second month of the second quarter seems to be tough. The need for the month of August 2018 is as follows
Kindly be in earnest prayers for 71L in Aug 2018, so that we can move further without shortfalls towards the half yearly closing next month. Let us pray and participate as the Lord leads each of us.

Once again, thanking you for the prayers and support that you have given during the last four years,

Joyfully, with you in Christ,
Reji. K. Daniel


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