Partnership in the Gospel Partnership in the Gospel 


Bihar- Jharkhand EU-EGF Conference’2017

Students and Graduates of Bihar &Jharkhand gathered for the EU-EGF Conference from 29th Sep. to 1st Oct 2017 in the beautiful campus of Seva Kendra, Kurji in the ancient city of Patna. Amidst hot and humid weather 105 members from both the states enjoyed the best moments and learnt a lot from the challenging theme “Partnership in the Gospel” Phil 1:5.

After bifurcation of our ministry, it was the first time when students and graduates from both the states met together and took a challenge to be partners in spreading the gospel as one body, one spirit, one hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptism and one God. Devotions by Dr. Shailendra P. Singh taught us the power of the gospel to transform, renewal of fellowship and gaining confidence to walk in Him. Most interesting learning by students was the Old Testament survey by Dr. Godwin Nickelson who narrated the 6000 years of Old Testament in 6 hours in 05 sessions with so many easy methods to learn and remember the OT. A student from Dhanbad Miss Josephin said-” I was hopeless and depressed after not being selected for PSC competitive exams for a long time but today I learnt from Israelite people that a long way may not be a wrong way. A long way may be God’s way.” A student Mr. Nirmal Gupta from Raxaul, Bihar said- “Now I have got an idea about the Old Testament and it will be easier for me to read the whole Bible.” Another student Miss Esther reported “God is the answer for everything but we often find good things in a wrong place.”

Every session motivated the participants to get rooted in Christ. Church and Society by Bro. Selwyn Samraj and Core values of UESI by Bro. John Jebaraj James reignited the flame reminding us the ethos of our living; Christian home by Dr. Godwin and students’ trends by Bro. Rajkumar Senapathy aroused new perspective to think and act accordingly; Stewardship by Bro. Joseph Paul made us all to decide on how to trade our talents and develop it.

Talent night & games made the time memorable while prayer time for both Bihar and Jharkhand enabled us to commit ourselves before God for a sacrificial life like Abraham. Starting from the key note address by Bro. Thomas Antony as God the enabler in the partnership, it ended up with the continuity of our commitments to be pure and blameless for the day of Christ. Theme song composed by Mr. Prem P. Murmu “Partners in Gospel We Are” put a seal on everyone’s memory to continue to serve the Lord. We thank God for his endless mercy and grace.

– Mr. Prem Prakash Murmu, Patna EGF


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