14 people could participate in the North West Zone Coordinator’s Training Programme from 18th – 21st July 2016 at Shimla with delegates from Jammu, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab. The programme began with the keynote address by Sis. Nivedita Gupta. Bro. Sathish Simon helped us in the reaffirming of our faith as we studied the doctrines on Holy Spirit, Trinity and the Kingdom of God each morning. The evening sessions by Bro. Jacob Varghese reminded us of our calling and passion for student ministry and encouraged us to face challenges and bid us to be servant leaders. Bro. Rampal, Sis. Nivedita and Bro. Amar gave us a clear understanding of the organizational structure, UESI policies, formats, job description and UESI vision and aims. Apart from the sessions, we had a wonderful time of fellowship with each other. Each night, after dinner we could have a time of sharing, and discussions on management of time and finances and family and marriage. It was a time when we could open up and share our struggles with others. On the last day, Bro. Sathish Simon motivated us to have an extraordinary experience of engaging with students of the H.P. University. It was an eyeopener for us and emboldened us to go back to our fields and start working with zeal.

– Ms. Nivedita Gupta Staff Chandigarh


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