NMTC 2017 – Siliguri


The Siliguri NMTC-2017 from 11to 22 June 2017 was held at Loyola Pastoral Center, Siliguri, with13 delegates from Eight states (1 from Punjab, 2 from Jammu & Kashmir, 2 from Odisha, 1 from West Bengal, 3 from Arunachal, 2 from Manipur, 1 from Meghalaya, and 1 from Madhya Pradesh. 4 delegates for Kairos from two more states, 2 full timers from West Bengal, and 1 graduate from Bihar and 1 non-EU student from Andhra Pradesh attended exclusively Kairos Missions Course.

Resource Persons: Dr. Arul Manohar, Mr. Jacob Varghese, Mr. C.T. Baskar (Kairos), Mr. John Mathai (IEM) and Mr. Prem Kumar Sankar (IEM), Mr. Biswajit Patro (National Fellowship), Mr. Mohan Suresh, Mrs. Rose Mary, Mrs. Shilpa, Mr. Peter,Kashung,Mrs. Lakshmi Sunder Singh, and Mr. Sunder Singh Babu were the resource persons.

Mission Exposure Trips: First team to Life Trainers Consultancy with Mr. Awor, Second team: Bible Translation with IEM, third team: Neighbours Ministry with Mr. Biswajit Patro, fourth team: Sikkim, and fifth team: Nepal with Mr. Peter Kashung uncle

The Decisions: Apart from 2 Staff Coordinators (Mr. Shiva Simon, Mr. Rajsagar), 1 delegate (Mr. Seikamong) committed for full-time, 8 delegates (Mr. Lun, Ms. Chansari, Ms. Ushia Rai, Ms. Punyo, Mr. Ainstain lima, Mr. Mani, Mr. Moliam, and Mr. Deepak) for Missionary Students, 1 delegate (Mr. Puman Wangsu) for Tent Making, and 1 delegate(Kerborlong,) for Mission Mobilizer. Exclusively from Kairos, 2 Siliguri Missionaries (Mr. Pradeep, and Mrs. Jhansi), one graduate (Mr. Navjyot), and Non-EU member (Ms. Devi), committed to be Mission Mobilizers. Pray that they may keep their decisions for God.

Feedback from Delegates:
NMTC helped me to understand God’s purpose for the world. I understand that God blessed me to be a blessing. God confirmed His will for full-time missionary to Africa. I understand through the importance of the culture, language and life-style of love – Ms. Chansari Kashung, Jammu EGF
NMTC opened my eyes to see God’s blessing to God’s people (the Top-line blessing) becomes a blessing to Gentiles (bottom-line blessing). I decided to be a blessing to non-Christian students. I decided to shape my arrow parts: Character, ministry skills and leading of the Holy Spirit – Mr. Mani, Amritsar EU, Punjab
I understood that I am called to be a blessing for other peoples. Through NMTC, God gave me passion for literature and Bible Translation. I got passion to for the world especially unreached world and Muslims. I decided to go as a Missionary Student to North India, especially Himachal-Mr. Lamminlung Haokip, Churachandpur, Manipur

We are thankful to WBEGF for releasing Mr. Mohan Suresh and Mr. Devaraj family to assist in Siliguri NMTC.

Mr. Sunder Singh Babu, Director, Siliguri NMTC ‘17
State Secretary


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