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Beloved EGF Families, Graduates, PG, Ph.D. and Final year Degree Students!
27th Dec (Thu-Lunch) to 30 Dec (Sun-Lunch) 2018
Venue: Patkai Christian College, Dimapur, Nagaland
Theme: Mentoring Servant Leaders


Expected Delegates:  700 Graduates: (150 families, 200 Single graduates, 200 Final Year Students,
200 children, 20 Church elders/believers) 70 Staff: (29 SS & SSIC and 40 Staff outside Northeast and Ex-Staff)

Contribution towards the camp:                  
Family: Rs. 4000/-       Single graduates:  Rs. 2500/- Students: Rs. 2000/-
Quota for Zones: South Zone: 200; East, West, NW & N-Central: 200; North-East: 300;
Resource Persons: Morning Expositions:                Rev. Bonny Resu, and Evening Devotions:                Mr. Valentine Davidar

NGC Chair: Mr. Christudas (9388473646/9946449051)
NGC Director: Mr. Selwyn Samraj
NGC Secretary: Mr. T. Theophilus
Graduate Ministry Secretary: Mr. Sunder Singh Babu, (9440252002/8208679198)
Email ID:

Note: State EGF Committees and State UESI Units are requested to pass on the information to the graduate families, Single graduates, and State EGF Staff through your State News letters and State Magazines

Vivekananda Sunder Singh Babu
Graduate Ministry Secretary, NEGF
Nagpur- 440013
Mobile: 9440252002/8208679198
Skype: sundersingh1966