Uttar Pradesh is one of the states which hosts a good number of neighbour students. UESI UP took the suggestion of UESI FNC to conduct an orientation programme on 2nd October 2018 at ABC church, Lucknow. The Neighbours’ Orientation Programme was primarily to equip Lucknow EU and EGF members. 20 members from Lucknow, 3 from Aligarh and 2 from Kanpur, totally 25 attended this programme.

After the worship led by Lucknow ICEU and a brief time of introduction, Rev. Rafiq lead the sessions on “What is Islam” and “Objections raised to Christian faith and how to answer it”. The sessions were lively with lot of fun and ended with question and answer session. Bro. Rajesh helped us with how we can engage neighbour students like praying, loving, encouraging, sharing, etc. We also had a brief of ministry among neighbours throughout India. Br. Pramesh Massey (chairperson – UP FNC) thanked all the participants. We had mass prayer for UESI ministry among neighbours. The meeting ended with prayer by Mrs. Joy Mall.

Br. Rajiv Mall took care of physical arrangements and M/s. Barun, Pramesh Massey and Benalin involved in mobilization. Initiation, syllabus and other help were given by Mr. Rajesh Kshirsagar (staff- UESI FNC) The expenses of the programme were taken care of by UESI-UP, ear marked contributions and registration.

“I will do regular prayer walk to minority colleges/ university in Lucknow and to get 2-3 neighbour student contact from Lucknow”
“I got encouraged to read and understand Quran”

1) WhatsApp group to facilitate learning, sharing the interaction with neighbours
2) Christmas programme in Aligarh and Lucknow exclusively for neighbour students
3) 2-day orientation programme for the attendees and interested members in summer 2019

Benalin, UESI UP – FNC SIC


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