The UESI National Staff Conference was held at Highfield, Kotagiri from May 20th to 24th. Amidst the serenity of the hills and away from sweating, we felt the presence of the sweet Lord during the conference. The theme of the conference being, “University Mission” reiterated through the sessions through the resource persons- Dr Idicheria Ninan from Bangalore, Mr. Tejdor from Shillong and Dr Watinaro from Nagaland. The Bible Expositions taken from the book of Ephesians,gave us a fresh insight encouraging us, as we minister to students. The teaching sessions on “Stress Management” and “Communication” were a practical exposure to the way we generally react based on our different temperaments and how we can overcome stress and communicate rightly conveying the intended message to the receiver. The teaching sessions on Spiritual Warfare also spoke volumes on the Biblical basis of warfare and the practical implications. The devotions gave us a glimpse of, “University Mission”, its challenges and overcoming them- through the life of Paul challenging us to be men and women of prayer, passion, zeal and not succumb to the pressure of performance.

All the staff had the privilege of having the Master Health Check up, with the joint effort of “Missionary Upholders Trust” and KMF Hospital. The business sessions catered to the needs of the staff by answering their queries. We were privileged to have the UESI Board members Dr Himadri Sinha, Mr. Sony Abraham and Mr. Franky Fernandez who spent meaningful time in interacting with the staff team. Tailor-made programs for teens and children less than 12 were led side by side by an exuberant Scripture Union Team of two SU staff and two volunteers. The breaks given in between sessions were a time of informal fellowship, catching up with one another. The time of personal sharing was fruitful and transparent sharing helped us empathize with one another, thankGod and pray fervently for each other.

The crux of the entire National conference centered on the call of commitment to the person of the Lord Jesus Christ than to be performers for Him. It was indeed a time of revival and refreshment as the Spirit of the Lord moved during the conference. I am grateful to the conference committee that meticulously planned and labored with me for the success of the conference.

Feedback of different staff
“We felt rejuvenated and felt welcomed, thanks to the organizing team”, “The devotions cut through- right into our heart- it was personal and powerful”.
“Teaching sessions were practical – in dealing with stress, loved it”. I learnt that I am not here to perform for the Lord but to be with the Lord first.”
“During the Prayer time, I strongly felt the presence of the Lord and committed myself to work fervently”. “The meticulous planning, team work- is something I really appreciate and admire”.

Sarah Anji, Director, National Staff Conference-2019


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