The National Planning Conference was organized at Ashirwad Global Learning Centre, Hyderabad from 8 November to 10 November, 2019. With a creditable growth in the ministry of UESI pursuant to the strategic directives of Vision 2020, this planning conference was held for discerning God’s will for the UESI Ministry concerning Vision 2030.

The conference started gloriously with a curtain raiser video. Hyderabad singing team brought in a spirit of worship with singing and praising God. Mr C Julius, the OPEC (Organizational Planning and Evaluation Cell) Chairman welcomed the delegates. He emphasized the importance and need for discerning God’s guidance while we look to Him as UESI and as we are all set to move into the next decade. He also explained the process behind the preparation for the conference and the way OPEC has been for the last two years collecting feedback and inputs from different stakeholders such as students, leaders of states, departments, etc.

The conference was centered around the theme Discern (Phil 1:9,10), Dream (Joel 2:28,29) and Develop (Mat 28:19,20). General Secretary of UESI, gave the Key note address based on the theme and exhorted the delegates to spur one another and to prayerfully participate in the conference looking upward towards the Lord and looking forward futuristically.

One of the resource persons shared the Lord’s message from the book of Esther. He challenged the hearts of the delegates to dare to dream big and to discern the times like Esther and Mordecai and to develop a generation that would stand and proclaim like Esther, “If I die, I die for the sake of the gospel of Christ”. His devotion on the second day was focused on, ‘Developing Leaders” based on the life and ministry of Barnabas.

OPEC Secretary reported on the lessons learnt from Vision 2020- consisting of areas of celebration, areas of concern and leanings from the same. It was followed by a time of prayer led by praising God for His goodness over the previous decade and fervently praying for the planning of Vision 2030. The resource persons presented a paper on the concept and process of Strategy formulation and management & session on, “scanning the environment” which truly opened the eyes of the delegates to the reality of the world around us, its challenges and how we need to equip ourselves for a time such as this.

OPEC Secretary, presented the Internal Analysis, – based on the findings of OPEC’s online survey which had 1000 participants from all over the country. The second part of his presentation was on Trend Analysis of UESI Ministry outcome in various parameters covering data of two decades. After this, the delegates were divided into fifteen groups and were given a set of questions to discuss the ministry concerns and challenges based on the sub themes of Enlarge, Enrich, Engage, Equip and Excel, with perspectives from the sessions on scanning the environment and internal landscape and trends in UESI. A lengthy plenary and open discussion of the floor was followed. There was enough time given for group discussions, deliberations and open questioning and answering. The delegates expressed their concerns, visions and dreams for the next decade.

The OPEC Core members with a few other representatives consolidated the findings collected from the constituency and the groups of delegates of the NPC. The draft Vision 2030 was worked out of these inputs and was presented to the delegates by the OPEC chairman on 10th morning as draft strategy.

UESI National Treasurer Mr. Franky Fernandes, handled the final day morning devotion where he stressed on Unity in the body of Christ based on Ephesians 4. He reiterated the theme of being diligent and also showing Christ by our lives with humility, meekness, patience and tolerance toward one another which would ultimately keep us united as UESI family. The NPC concluded with a strong closing challenge by UESI President Dr Himadri Sinha who exhorted the delegates to stay united, loving one another and stay focused on the ministry to the students. It was an encouragement to the delegates, about 200 of them from 28 States, when our President finished with Joshua: 1:3 – wherever you set your foot, I will give you the land as an inheritance.

We give all glory and praise to the Lord and offer the work done through NPC as an act of worship to Him.

Staff, Uttarakhand


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