National Mission Training Camp – 2019


Praise God for NMTC-19 was concluded on 12th June 2019 at Prem Jyoti Hospital premises Chandragodda (Jharkhand). Praise God for the hard work and team work of Core Committee members.

38 participants from 11 States (Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Jharkhand, Odisha, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Meghalaya and West Bengal) could attend this Mission Training Camp. The Camp went on very well. All the participants were genuine and teachable. God provided us good climate in the venue and participants could sit peacefully in the meeting hall and were attentive to all the sessions. All the Speakers were well prepared and presented their sessions passionately and creatively. We had sessions on World Survey, India Survey, History of Mission, Mission Anthropology, Integral Mission, Women in Mission, Family & Mission, Medical Mission and Missionary health, Media & Mission, Urban Mission, Giving for Mission, Students ministry, Mission and Tentmakers, Pluralism Hinduism, Bible Translation, Mission Opportunities, Tribal Mission, Mission Oppositions etc. Even participants were so thoughtful to present the biographies of Missionaries through small skits during surprise time. The Spirit of God was at work throughout the Camp. All the participants got challenged through the Bible expositions and Devotions. The testimonies of FMPB missionaries and Speakers were heart touching and their experiences in the mission field were so enriching. The lifestyle of Tribal groups (Maltos and Santhalis) were an eye opener for the participants during missionary Field exposure. They could observe their education, social, economic, cultural and spiritual lifestyle. They could spend meaningful time of interaction with them, they could teach them action songs and also enjoyed their hospitality. Participants could spend time with Dr. Subro and Dr. Elizabeth at Hiranpur as they have been trying to revive Mission Hospital there. Even all the participants were so challenged to see simple lifestyle and commitment of Staff of Prem Jyoti Hospital. At the end of the Camp 17 participants committed their lives for full time ministry, 13 Participants for Tentmakers and 8 participants for Missionary students and mission mobilizers. Please pray for the effective follow up of all the participants.

Parveen Bharti, Director NMTC-19.


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  1. Good to saw your events where u all done. I am working as a evangelist for GOD’S kingdom. My works to evangelize and equip to all youth.

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