National Evangelical Graduates Fellowship


NEGF is the backbone to UESI ministry. NEGF is no longer an auxiliary but a special body with NEGF Council since 2012. It reports to UESI Board & AGM thru NEGF Council. NEGF assists UESI-Board in framing policies related to graduate ministry. NEGF guides Zonal Coordination teams and State EGFs in the expansion of EGF cells and graduate members across the country, especially in Strategic College centers.

Objective of NEGF: To facilitate State EGFs so as to enhance the graduate quantity and quality and reflect Christ-likeness in all areas of life (family, work, student ministry, Church, & Society) and invest their fullest potential (time, talents, treasure & open home) in extending God’s kingdom to unreached student communities;

NEGF Committee (2019-20): NEGF Chairperson: Mr. Selwyn Samraj, Graduate Ministry Secretary: Mr. V. V. Sunder Singh Babu, NEGF Committee Secretary: Mr. T. Theophilus, Zonal Graduate Members: Mr. Anil Kumar, NWZ, Mr. Joseph Thomas, NCZ, Mr. Rajiv Mall, NZ, Mr. John Scudder, EZ, Mr. Daniel Gunjal, SZ, Dr. Salsan Toyo S Momin, NEZ; NEGF Cell Chairs: Dr. Rashmi Dwivedi, CH, Dr. David Sudhakar, CG, Mr. Sudhir, TMI Secy. Mrs. Beena George, M&C, Mr. Dipin Panicker, ETET-TG; NEGF Staff: Mr. Asir Thiyagarajan, Mrs. Stilla Spencer, Mr. Shanker Babu;

NEGF-Four focus areas: 1-EU to EGF members Transition Effectiveness; 2-Member Care effectiveness to Tent Makers & Graduates; 3-State EGF (Graduate) Leadership Effectiveness & 4-NEGF Committee & TM, CH & CG Cell Effectiveness

Praise God for the three Important Deliverable of NEGF:

1-Thru Mentoring Week 1-7 Nov 18 promoted UESI Thrust Area: Mentoring Servant Leaders and supplied “E-packet with mentoring materials and Bible study booklet on Mentoring was published and released in NGC’18.

2-Encouraged around 60 Tent Makers and graduatesof 12 States thru the visits of Mr. Sunder & Mr. Asir, NEGF Staff.

3-UESI-National Graduates Conference 2018 from 27-30 Dec 18 at Dimapur challenged 510 UESI members: 57 families, 163 single graduates, 86 students, 61 Staff & 86 Children from all the states except Sikkim to mentor students.

Praise God for the Four New Initiatives of NEGF

1-NEGF-Leadership Orientation Program from 10- 11, Aug 18 at Nagpur gave overall understanding on functioning of Committee, Quorum, Role Clarity of the Members, Coopeted, Supervisory Ex-officio and Executive Officio members;

2-EU to EGF Transition Task Group (ETET-TG) was formed and studied EU to EGF Transition in Delhi, Assam, Kerala & MH and organized panel discussion at NGC ’18; Sent GSTP Syllabus to all states; initiated a module on migrating students and graduates in PRISM.

3-Introduced Membership Month in Feb 2019 for New/Renewal/Transfer of membership. Membership is mandatary to become Senior Advisor or any Committee member. PRISM preparing online module on ‘UESI-Membership for graduates’

4-Organized Career Guidance Orientation Program from 9-10Feb 2019 with 35 delegates (Students: 22, Graduates: 10, Staff: 3) represented seven states & CG Contact persons were identified to replicate CG programs in the states.

NEGF Functions & Activities for 2019-2020

1-To motivate Local EGFs to train all final year students to be graduates, disciple-makers, Pioneers for unreached campuses like Barnabas and Saul (Acts. 13:2). If our EGF is not training and setting apart final year students for 49000 unreached college campuses… who will do???

2-To encourage Local EGFs to promote Membership Drive Month: Feb 2020 and focus on Member care thru Senior Graduate-Young graduate fellowship and graduate-student fellowship. (If graduates are not mentoring young graduates & students to be Disciple-makers… who will do?)

3-To encourage EGFs, at all levels, need to unite all the graduate members for promoting mutual love, care, open, truthful and honest communication in developing team spirit

4-To empower State EGFs to train and supply leaders to UESI, Church, other organizations, and Government. Moreover, to motivate their graduates for ‘graduate migration’ to the unreached Premier Institutions (at 471 districts without graduate presence; 14-focused states, 47000 Campuses & 122 National Premier Institutions without EU Student presence) thru Graduate Volunteer Program (GVP); (If Our EGF is not promoting servant leadership, Graduate migration and GVP… Who will do?)

5-To Encourage EGF committees at all levels to equip their committee members on their role, follow appropriate accountability measures, facilitate group consensus to make decisions, implement them and do periodical evaluation on the effectiveness of EGF Committees. To have effective synergy among National departments and with State departments. (If Our EGF Committee members are working without role clarity and accountability… Who can show model to our student committees?)

NEGF Cells:

1. NEGF-Christian Home Cell (Objective: To assist State EGFs and State Christian Home Cells in helping unmarried UESI graduate members to find God’s will while choosing partners and in establishing Bible-based Christian home. Further nurture and empower all graduate families to fulfill the divine design for Christian home and encourage them to open their homes for Student ministry)

Functions and activities: To assist Pioneering States to have Seminars on Pre-marital, Christian Marriage, Parenting & Open Home and to organize CH Seminars at Kotagiri from 5-9 May 2020 & at Dehradun from 2-6 June 2020; To have synergy with all State CH Cells and promote Biblical teaching on family thru Family Enrichment Month

2. NEGF-Career Guidance Cell (Objective: To assist State EGFs and State CG Cells in helping final year students and unemployed graduates find God’s will for their vocation & guide them to job opportunities that are available especially in pioneering places so that they can be witnesses for Christ)

3. NEGF-Tent Makers Cell (Objective: To assist State EGFs and their State Mission Cells and partnering with UESI-TD-Missions Cell in enlightening the concept of Tentmaking and mobilizing students and graduate families, as per God’s will, to go to unreached places (14-Focus States), and live there as witnesses for God in their profession/Career, providing care to involve in student ministry)

Functions and activities: To have UESI-Tent Makers Conference at Patna from 9-11 Nov 2019To publish UESI-Tent Makers’ Handbook on Mission Exposure opportunities and testimonies of UESI Tent Makers & Missionary Students;

4. NEGF-Mentoring and Counselling Cell

Objective: To assist State EGFs & State TDs in training young graduates to be the potential Bible study leaders, mentors (disciple-makers) and counsellors to achieve qualitative Student ministry.

Functions and activities: To Promote Equipper program, to have UESI-Christian Counselling Workshop at Kotagiri from 11-15 May 2020 & Mentoring Week (Nov. 1-7)

Task Group: NEGF-EU to EGF Transition – Objective:To assist State EGFs and State TDs in EU to EGF transition process of the final year students by equipping them, in motivation of young graduates to be part of EGF fellowship, and in encouraging and giving space to them to take up leadership at different levels and invest their potential in the student ministry.

Functions and activities of this TG: To assist states in addressing transition issues thru sharing materials and providing advisory; To assist three States (Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand & Rajasthan) to conduct GSTP and to do analysis on GSTPs conducted, and students who failed to attend GSTP; To connect migrating students and graduates thru PRISM;

-Vivekananda Sunder Singh Babu,
NEGF-Graduate Ministry Secretary


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