National consultation on finance and compliances 2019


National Consultation on Finance and Compliances was held from 21st to 22nd September 2019 at Pallotine Animation Centre, Nagpur. We had a participation of 33 delegates from different parts of the country. This consultation was meant for the State Treasurers, Accountants and State FAD members. Topics covered were: Understanding The Laws that Govern the Societies; FCRA Rules and Regulations; Treasurers Handbook and Treasurers’ Role; Integration, consolidation and centralization of accounts and accounting formalities; UESI Property policy; Compliance and Integrity in the changing context; Stewardship principles and case studies; Brain Storming on UESI finances and deficits; and Auditors observations and advise on UESI accounts.

National Auditor), UESI Treasurer, UESI FAD Member, UESI Administrative Secretary, UESI Accounts Manager and UESI Asst. Admin Secretary handled various sessions. The participants expressed the need of Treasurers Training from local level, as these sessions are very important in the changing context. Following suggestions were made on UESI finances:

  1. Graduate engagement,
  2. Strengthening and ministering to graduates,
  3. States and individuals to increase the giving to national,
  4. Stewardship training across the country,
  5. Regularity in giving and
  6. Cost cutting (austerity measurements) at every possible level.

Participants shared that the consultation was highly beneficial in the context of more compliance demands.



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