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Brief history of ministry in the state
The beginning: History of student ministry in Madhya Pradesh is as old as the UESI itself. Dr. Thirumalai started a Bible study for the Sagar University students in 1953 and then Dr. T.N. Sterret informed him about UESI in 1954. Sagar EU was formed in 1954 and later it became an affiliated EU. In those days Dr. Thirumalai used to travel 5 km by his bicycle to take a Bible study. Retreats happened at his residence. The work in Sagar was continued by Prof. P. A. Abraham and Dr. Pramod Alexander of Sagar University. The ministry in Bhopal was initiated by Mrs.& Dr. Oomachan and Rev. Khanna’s family. Bhopal EU was affiliated in 1962. Ministry in Ujjain began in 1964-65 by Prof. PC Joseph, Geology Dept, Ujjain University;

MP State AGM & Consultation 2017

The growth: In 1969 the First Prayer conference was held at Ujjain and the flame spread to Indore, Ratlam & Neemuch. First Evangelistic camp held at Ujjain from March 27 -30, 1969. The first DTC was held in 1971. Ministry in Indore was established by Rev. Jay Story of Mhow, Mr. Vishal Mangalwadi, Dr. K. P. Pothen, Miss. Jean Bridgman and Dr. Finny Mathew. The ministry has spread to other places: Rev. Jay Story, Mr. George David and Mr. Naveen Tatge at Mhow and Russelpura (1971), Mr. Emmanuel Prakash at Dallhi Rajhara, Dr. Emmanuel and Dr. Elizabeth Oriel at Khurai (1984), Mr. Samson William at Dewas (1982), Dr. Mon Abraham at Rajnandgaon (1982), Raipur (1982), Ms. Eshawari Rao and Mr. Praveen Joshi at Ratlam (1982), Ms. Valasamma Abraham, Mr. Victor Babu & Mr. Sam Alexander at Vidisha (1983), Mr. Parimal Roy, Mr. Varghese and Joice George at Jabalpur (1984). Mr. T. S. Samuel, Sajikutty and Jolly Mathew at Gwalior (1992), Mr. Srinivas at Morena (2005), Mr. John Vetrivel at Mandla (2007), Mr. Shobaram & Dinesh at Khargone (2008), Mr. Rambabu & Prabhudatt Nayak restarted at Chhatarpur (2011), Mr. Simon & Pasha at Betul (2011) & at Dhar (2012), Mr. Rajesh Jana at Rewa (2012), Mr. B. V. Subba Rao at Dabra (2012), Mr.GHS Bihari at Shahdol (2013), Mr. Manohar Zachariah at Hoshangabad (2013). Mr. Samson at Khandwa (2016)

Staff who served the state thus far
UESI Staff Workers: Surendra Parmar(1971-1976); Uma & Richard Masih (1979-1984); Dr. Philip Nelson family (1986-1989); G. Bhushanam (1990-1992); Isaac Prasanna family (1992-1995); Rajesh K Ram family (1996-1999); Prameela & John S. Vetrivel (1999-2009); Rani & Thomas Abraham (2002-2006 & 2006-2011 with CGEGF after Bifurcation); Shaila Wanesa & Rajesh Jana (2009-); Sudha Rani & Yesobu Janga (2012-); Madhu Sudhan Reddy & Arti (2017-)
MPEGF Coordinators: Kannaya Lal(1986-89), Sushil Nayak(1989-91), Jacob Varghese(1993-96), Mathews Abraham (1995-97), Jessy Varghese (1995-97), D.R. Moses (1997-99), John S. Vetrivel (1998-99), James Samuel (1998-99), Suresh (1999-’02), Prem Kumar Kashyap for CG (2004 – 2006) & Krishna Moorthy for MP (2006-2008); Jojibabu & Bujji (2014-), Vijaya Raju (2016..) and Simon and Lavanya (2017..

Significant mile stones
Formation of MPEGF: MPEGF was formed in 1975. It did not continue for long. MPEGF steering Committee was formed in Bhopal in Nov 1980. In 1982, a full-fledged executive committee was formed. Preparation and approval of MPEGF constitution happened in 1983.
Mhow Property: Mr. Jay Story donated this property to UESI for student ministry in the year 1988.
Bhopal Property: MPEGF purchased a plot (25000 sq. ft.), in 1998.
Bifurcation of MPEGF and CGEGF: Madhya Pradesh, in its present form, came into existence on 1st November 2000, MPEGF was bifurcated in to MP.EGF and CG.EGF during the MPEGF annual conference in 2006 at Bhopal.

Literature & Media: MPEGF published Hindi songbook “Aao hum stuti Karen” in the year 1997. Indore City newsletter “Indore Bulletin” started by Indore EGF (Sept 2009) and presently published by Indore ICEU&EGF. MPEGF bi-monthly Newsletter– SAMPARK restarted in Feb 2010. The Newsletter got a new and unique name “Harkara” in 2014. Video on MPEGF History – made in 2011 by Mr. Rajesh Jana; Android App of UESI – made by Anandkumar Kurapati (MANIT EU) in 2012. Mrs. Manju Mathews composed a theme song for UESI Conference on Women’s Concerns in 2011, which was published in UESI songbook, Udgaar. Mr. Jean Joseph and Mrs. Manju Mathew composed many songs for camps and conferences.

State Prayer Conferences: Every year we have five to seven prayer conferences at pioneering places in which graduates and students come together to pray, it is the source of blessing to the state ministry.
Decentralization Preparation: In 2011, on 27th of Oct, the MPEGF Committee initiated about decentralization and in 2015, April 25 and 26, there was decentralization preparedness consultation under the leadership of Joseph Thomas (president) and in 2017, April 8-10 there was final decentralization consultation at Bhopal under the leadership of Binu Jacob, the president of MPEGF.
State Cells: Planning and Evaluation Cell was formed in 2008, Kotaiah as the secretary and John Vetrivel was the staff in charge, Training cell in 2012, and other cells like Staff Development Cell, Field Development cell and finance and administrative Cell also formed now.

Sudharani & Janga YesobuSudharani and Janga Yesobu, State Staff in Charge


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