MIZORAM – The Land of High Landers


Mizoram, a land of high landers is also known as “the land of blue mountains”. It is the southern corner of North East India nestled mainly between Myanmar and Bangladesh, but also shares its boundaries with its neighbouring states of Assam, Manipur and Tripura. Mizoram is well known for the colourful attire of the womenfolk, their musical festivals and the popular Cheraw bamboo dance during the festivals. The people of Mizoram mainly comprises of various Tibeto-Burman groups of Kuki tribe such as Hmar, Lushai, Ralte, Pawi, Thadou and Zou. However, with a sense of unity they prefer to call themselves as Mizo as most of the tribes speak Mizo Tawng, the common language. Mizoram is second literate state in India with 91.33% of the population. Church in Mizoram is also one of the largest missionary sending church in India over 5000 missionaries to different parts of the world.

Ministry at a glance: On 18 October 1975, the first meeting was held to consider the formation of Mizoram EGF at the residence of Dr l N Tluanga. M/s. Chhawna (UPA Chhawnvunga, Mission Veng), Sanga (UPA Sanghmingthanga Pautu, Chhinga veng) and Rawna (UPA Dr C Lalrawna, Aizawl Venglai) attended this meeting.  Dr Tluanga was then Joint Director of Education in the govt. Of Mizoram and the others were lecturers in the Pachhunga Memorial college. They planned for a retreat scheduled on Nov. 3, 1975 at the Mission Veng Church vestry consisting of fellowship, Bible study and prayers.

Mizoram EGF was formally established on Saturday, 22 November 1975 with the signing of the constitution and official registration of members.  Office bearers were selected on 29 November 1975, with Dr Tluanga as president, Chhawna as Secretary, Sanga as Treasurer and Rawna as Prayer Secretary.

History of Aizawl Inter Collegiate Evangelical Union
The origin: UESI leaders initiated the Students’ ministry in Aizawl on September 26, 1991. Students from different colleges of Aizawl came together for a meeting to discuss the possibility of forming Inter-Collegiate Students Evangelical Union. Following this meeting, on October 4, 1991, at 7:14 pm, a body called Inter-Collegiate Students Evangelical Union (ICSEU) was formed. The office bearers were elected from the colleges involved, namely Hrangbana college, Pachhunga university college, Aizawl West College and Government Aizawl college. Later, committee members were also appointed. During the subsequent years, the Inter Collegiate Evangelical Union (ICSEU) continued to function but progress didn’t seem to grow fast enough. So, the committee formed a larger network of students’ movement and named it as Mizoram Students’ Christian organization (MISCO) on January 14, 1995, replacing ICSEU, with the following as its leaders:

President: Mr. P. C. Vanlalrova
Vice president: Mr. C. Lalbiak Chhuanga
Secretary: Mr. Ngursailova Sailo
Prayer secretary: Mr. Vanlalpara

This move inspired the already spirited students. After a prayer meeting at Mr. P. C. Vanlalrova’s residence, an informal meeting suggested forming Aizawl Inter- Collegiate Evangelical Union. Followed by this meeting, the hitherto ineffective Students Christian Organization (MISCO), which had been increasingly wrapped up in ecumenical theories rather than evangelical pursuit, was gladly abolished on July 14 to make way for Aizawl Inter- Collegiate Evangelical Union. The official inauguration of AICEU took place at Mr. LALREMLIANA’s residence, attended by the enthusiastic students and their equally excited seniors.

Nineteen EUs flocking together from Pachhunga University College, Government Aizawl College, Hrangbana College, Aizawl West College, and even from a college where EU had not been formed, Zirtiri Women’s College (later named Government Zirtiri residential Science College) at Government Aizawl College, the Aizawl Inter-Collegiate Evangelical Union (AICEU) was officially formed on July 22, 1995. In the presence of Dr. Lalmalsawmi Hmar, Dr Rotluanga, and Dr. Sangluaia. The following were the first leaders: P. C. Vanlalrova, Lalrosangal Kawlni, R. Lalremliana, P.C Vanlalhruaia, Lalhmangaiha Fanai, and Vanlalpara. Besides them, the following students served as representatives of different colleges: Lalruati Ralte, Lalhlupuii Sailo, S.L. Ngursailova; Lalramchhana, Challianmawia, Lalrinchhana and Vanlalhuma Punte. Mr. Lalawia; Mr. R. Zatlaia; Dr. Lalmalsawmi Hmar served as the Senior Advisors.

UESI ministry in Mizoram celebrated 40 years of God’s faithfulness on August 28th 2015 at Aizawl, where, the General Secretary Mr. Arul Manohar was the speaker. Former staff Mizoram Mr. Odiyo and miss. Amulyn Lyngdoh have contributed much for the growth. Mizoram has 8 districts but we are working in four district Aizawl, Lunglei, Siaha and lawngtlai. By the grace of God, ministry is growing in the southernmost part of the state.
Ministry Growth: We have 20 Evangelical Unions with one ICEU and four EGFs. Its very encouraging to see EGFs mentoring students and opening their homes for EU. We have seen tremendous changes in the past six years, student organising camps, sharing gospel to friends from other faith. The first ever annual meeting was held in Mizoram on 8 to 10 august 2013 synod conference centre Aizawl. For the past two years, the State has organised Leadership Training Camp in two districts Aizawl and Siaha. In 2017, 9 new EUs were formed in three districts Siaha, Lawngtlai and Aizawl. Manipur being a partnering state with Mizoram is really a blessing to us since last two years, 9 students have been trained in Manipur CMTC, Mizoram and Manipur having students exchange visit also. Leadership in the state is becoming vibrant. Mizoram also had board orientation from 17th to 19th November 2017 with Mr. Selvadurai as the resource person.

Continue to pray for that Mizo students will join as staff and we will reach out to different unreached district and colleges.

Ms. Silme Cheran,
Staff for Mizoram

Vanlal Chawimawi,


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