Let us declare a WoW- War on Wastages


“UESI shall maintain high standards of accountability to God in relation to spending and integrity in accounting all its receipts and payments. Members too, as students, graduates and staff will pursue high sense of stewardship- in earning, spending and giving, in relation to all resources”. UESI Core Value Statement on Financial Integrity.

Beloved Brothers and Sisters,
Greetings as we enter yet another financial year with a surplus, tasting God’s faithfulness!!!
Praise God, yes, it is His great faithfulness and let no one else glory in it. It is emphatically the expression of His mercies to UESI. Indeed, as prophet Jeremiah declared “because of the Lord’s great mercy we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail; they are new every morning- GREAT IS HIS FAITHFULNESS (Lam:3: 22-23). All glory to God… And as the Lord expresses His faithfulness over and over again, let us be grateful and continue steadfastly in the stewardship of the vision that He has entrusted us.

As we enter the new financial year, as an expression of our grateful hearts let us declare a War on Wastages, as we have vouched in the UESI core value statement on Financial Integrity. We have covenanted with God for “high standards of accountability in spending and integrity in accounting. As we grow, it is not only natural but also carnal that we may tend to be careless in our spending. Let us be cautious. Let us be cost conscious. Let us be aware that every penny that comes to UESI is from sacrificial sources. I can vouch it- seeing the contributions of so many of our dear ones. It is not from their abundance that they have not contributed – but from their commitment to the Lord, sacrificially. Let us consider it a sin to waste the Lord’s money (and other resources), as we plan and budget the new year’s activities. A few important suggestions are there in the paper on call for cost effectiveness (Page 38 of Treasurer’s Handbook). Let our accountability to God’s mercies be evident in all that we do (and don’t do), in how we spend our resources (and how we do not).

Often there are questions on UESI’s expenses. Couldn’t we reduce on a particular programme? or a project? or a travel? or a mode of travel? etc… Let such questions be asked in our respective forums, right from the grassroot EUs and EGFs (where the expenses are collectively at the maximum), to the regional, state and national for the spending at each sector. Let us express our gratitude to God with accountability and careful spending of resources at all levels.

We can’t practice cost consciousness at organisational level without practicing it right at our own lives- in our homes and personal spending. Often, we tend to expect high standards at organisational levels, while feeling a “liberty” to be casual in personal / home spending. UESI Core Value statement clearly states that the organisational policy sprouts from the expressions of it in our personal lives- as students, graduates and staff with a covenant that we will pursue the expected high standards right in our personal lifestyle – in earning, spending and giving. This has been evident in the movement as synonymous as “eu culture” Let us live up to that legacy as an expression of our gratitude to God for His provisions.

In fact, War on Wastages is a lifestyle of being a good steward of all God given resources. I remember being at the home of a senior graduate (then CEO of a big organisation) how he has been recycling papers and even envelopes in a large scale right at his home and office. Despite having resources, he deliberately practiced the principle of REDUCE, RE- USE, RE-CYCLE, right at home and onward to his office. The reduce-reuse-recycle principle is a direct war against the consumption in this consumerist society. In our small and big choices, let us be responsible stewards, saving up, sacrificially to give where it is needed the most.

Further, the War on Wastages should permeate to the use of our natural resources too. Most of our states in India are now declared water-deficient. It’s the poor that suffer the most when water and food scarcity hits the society. So, let us act when we see a leaking tap, a lit lamp where there is already light, a running fan when it is not needed. Let us commit that we consume less food (waging war against the sin of gluttony) and don’t ever waste food. Unless we, the disciples of Christ, live and lead the way in stewardship, we will have to see more natural calamities, starvation deaths etc…We should also visit affected places and see how good stewardship practices can be installed (through renewable sources of energy, and practices of regaining and re charging the natural resources).

As we live in a society with large scale misuse of resources, we are missing the mark on this before God on stewardship. And hundreds of thousands are suffering and dying. Let us pray for the conservation and stewardship of resources. Let us cry out with the same spirit as of Jeremiah “Oh that my head were waters, and my eyes a fountain of tears, that I might weep day and night for the slain my people!” Jeremiah 9:1
So, as we enter a new financial year, let’s declare a WoW, War on Waste in our personal lives and permeating from there to the communities that we belong to…

On Finances, as we are in the very first month of our financial year 2018-19, let us approach the Lord’s throne of grace with thanksgiving and pray that He will mercifully lead us further EVERY MONTH without any deficits.

Pray for UESI Finances

April 2018

Regular Monthly Needs
(excluding departmental expenses)
Staff Travel & Reimbursements– March2018 (+ Travel Imprest advances) 5.0L
Training Projects (Provisions for CMTCs &NMTCs) 6.0L
NPS, Gratuity& EPF – April 2018 (Provisions) 4.0L
Pioneering States Support 3.0L

Total Funds Required in April 2018


Kindly be in earnest prayers for 55L in April, so that we can move without deficits right from the first month. Let us pray and participate as the Lord leads each of us..

Joyfully, with you in Christ
Reji. K. Daniel


Regarding UESI Finances

1. UESI policy is not to make appeal for funds from any, from outside or inside the UESI family
2. We are free, and it’s our responsibility, to share about the needs of UESI to those who request for the same, from within and outside the UESI family
3. Through the WA Groups and e-mails we communicate the needs to UESI family members believing that all of them are interested to know about the needs, pray for them and financially contribute according to the needs
4. UESI Graduates (and also students) are immensely rich financially as against our situations in 1960s, 70’s, 80’s, even at the earlier days of Decentralization.
5. I hope each member of UESI (not only Grads but students too) are taught and explained about Christian giving, not just tithe but according to the needs. Note the statement of Prof. Enoch something like “I’ll pay the bills pending if funds are not sufficient”. If our constituency is not sufficiently taught this financial responsibility, it’s the failure of Grads, treasurers and Staff of UESI.
6. Budgeting and management of finance, both for Personal and Ministry purposes is part of Discipleship and Discipline in life, not to say surely in Christian life.
7. Crying for funds towards the end of the month, especially at the end of Financial Year must be alien to UESI Ministry. We need to send our share of support at the beginning of every month when we get our salary or financial benefits; not at the end of the month after all our personal needs are taken care of.
8. Since the Expenditure of the previous month and Financial need of the present month are intimated at the beginning of each month, the funds needed for the month must be in the UESI Treasury latest by the 15th of every month, if not earlier. We have all Banking facilities to transfer funds immediately after the salary or pension is received in our Bank accounts, on a particular date, preferably between 3rd & 5th of each month
9. Study closely, inductively (IBS), about the giving pattern of the Macedonian Christians in 2 Cor. 8:1-6 (the poor believers pleading with the leaders for giving them the PRIVILEGE of SHARING in the needs of the saints – not the Treasurer pleading to the believers) & the exhortation of Paul in 2 Cor.9:6-11 (to give not sparingly but generously, each one according to what s/he has decided in his heart (not in his mind- not reluctantly or under compulsion but as a cheerful giver. Study in detail.
10. Instead of the pleading of the Treasurer, copied/forwarded by other Grads/Staff as of a running commentary or applause by spectators in a 100 m race, informing the count down if the deficit and cautioning the holidays for Banks (are these not pleading and compelling?), let each one in UESI family decide/ upgrade the amount to be given for local/District/State/National and remit it regularly PREFERRABLY every month or otherwise (Some may be able to give bi-monthly, Quarterly or Annually). Help the Treasurer to send an update of the funds received for the month and surplus by 20th, if not by 15th, of every month – not only for monthly running needs but also towards annual budget of camps and conferences.
11. Then for specific, special, occasional needs, we need to give specially as needs are shared
12. This I share for UESI with its Faith Policy and may not be applicable to churches and many other organisations, as most of them have the method of squeezing for their ministry needs. UESI is stated to be different and even unique in many things, including Financial Policy and hence challenge others through the model Christian Giving Policy given the Scriptures.
Prof. John Zachariah,
Former State Secretary, UESI Kerala, Former NEGF Chair of the Decade 1 Group of UESI


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