It was a milestone in the history of Goa UESI ministry that for the first time we had an Annual Conference of Goa State EGF. Praise God for this event and also for the people who toiled hard in the past & prayed for Goa ministry.
It was a one day Conference on 11th of February 2017. We started at 9 a.m. and ended by 9 p.m. The under girding purpose of the Conference was fellowship. It was a time of celebration & thanks giving for the faithfulness of God & the works of His hands in Goa ministry, a time of planning & prayer for the present & future challenges.
The theme of the Conference was “Let us arise and build.” (Neh.2:18b NASB). The primary sessions were Bible Exposition, GOQSNL & FDD Concerns, Mentoring & Open Home, and Devotion. There was also a time of deliberation on the ministry of Goa. A brief History of Goa ministry was presented and it was very encouraging
to see present EU Cells presenting their wonderful reports. Praise God for the openings and raising many student witnesses in the Campuses of Goa.

The resource persons were Mr. JSA Julius, Mr. Joseph Selvadurai & Mr. Sam Abraham. God has very meaningfully ministered to the constituency through the resource persons.
Total number of participants was around 35, combining both students and graduates. A few new graduates turned up and were blessed by the exposure.
Soli Deo Gloria!
Anando S. Deori, UESI Staff , Goa


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