LEARN FROM ME – MNNIT EU Discipleship Training Camp 2018


We thank God that we could have a successful DT camp from 29-31 March at TLM, Allahabad. A total of 14 students attended out of which 09 were new. We thank the 4 graduate families who stayed with us.
The camp theme was “Learn from me” (Mat 11:29). Bro. V.G.Binu was the main speaker who took the devotional sessions calling and cost of discipleship. Delegates participated in group activities to understand more about the aims of UESI and some of us shared how EU built them. Delegates were taught on doctrines – Assurance of salvation, justification and sanctification, Holy scriptures. Practical talks, GBS, 2/2, games, singing were other sessions.

We praise God for his presence throughout the camp and for his provisions. Let us continue to remember the students in our prayers. All the financial need s weremet by God’s grace.
Thank you for praying and continue to pray for all the students.

Coordinators: Bro. Chandrashekar and Bro.Gnan Raj


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