HISTORY and the growth of the ministry in Jharkhand
God’s great commission through UESI was yet to commence in Jharkhand, formerly known as Bihar But, HIS loving people have committed their lives to leave no stones unturned.

Almost two decades after establishment of UESI, God’s word through this movement reached Bihar. In the early 70s Bro. Sathkeerthi Rao initiated this movement on this land. He used to make frequent visits to Bihar but, the work started at Jamshedpur under the leadership of Mr. & Mrs. Prabhakaran who were actively involved in ministerial work from their college days. In and around that time period, Mr. &Mrs. Choudhary shifted from Kolkata to Ranchi. By their support and care in 1973, Ranchi EU was formed, and the first camp was held at Ranchi, where students attended from Dumka, Sahebganj, Jamshedpur and Patna. Bro. P.C Varghese’ personal effort brought many students to the camp. In 1974, the first Bihar EGF was formed at Moharo (a small village just 8 km from Dumka town). Bro. Samson Nayagam (1976-77) joined as

a coordinator and developed the ministry at Ranchi. In the early 80s Mr. John Christian was appointed as a fulltime staff worker based at Jamshedpur. Graduate and students group were formed at Jamshedpur, Sindri, Dhanbad, Bokaro, Patna, Raxaul, Muzaffarpur and Bhagalpur. Then Bro. Devasahayam and his wife joined as staff in 1983-84 in North Bihar and consolidated the work initiated by Bro. John Christian. With determination and in response to God’s call to serve Mr. K. Israel (1972-2000) and Mr. Selwyn Samraj expanded the ministry at Jamshedpur. Bro. Surendra Kisku (1990) and Bro. Sanjay Kachhap (1992-98) joined as staff and carried on the work. A few years later Sis. Rosedesa Tudu (1994-95) joined as coordinator and developed the ministry at Dumka and Bhagalpur area. God was working in the hearts of people and many other staff were added. Bro. Julius Panna (1996) and bro. Naman Dan Topno (2001) joined in the staff team as coordinator. Not to forget Dr. P Samuel (retired director, CFRI from Dhanbad) who helped to consolidate the ministry at Dhanbad. We are grateful to Mr. R.K. Roul family’s contribution towards ministry at Sindri and Dhanbad. In the year 2000 Bihar was divided politically and South Bihar became Jharkhand State. Following Sis. Joanna Besra (Toppo) joined as co-ordinator based at Ranchi and expanded the ministry in the local area. In 2002 Bro. Rajkumar Senapathy joined as coordinator from Jamshedpur. Under the leadership of Dr. Himadri Sinha Bihar EGF got separated and thus, Jharkhand EGF came into existence. With much prayer and effort, slowly and steadily, ministry developed and Bro. Laxman Teja from Andhra Pradesh and Bro. Permod Kumar joined as co-ordinators

to strengthen the ministry at existing places like Jamshedpur and Bhagalpur respectively. In the year 2010 Bro. John Tirkey responded to the call of God and he joined as a co-ordinator based at Jamshedpur. During this period of time God enabled us to get full support of our local churches like Siyon Prarthna Bhavan Ranchi, St. George’s Church Bistupur, CNI church Dumka, NWGEL Church Dhanbad and Union Church Sindri. By God’s grace we could raise many local leaders and coordinators who are our assets and great blessings to our Jharkhand ministry. 3 women and 1 man coordinators developed the student ministry in Jharkhand. Sis. Nitu Masih (2011) based at Sindri, Sis. Ashrita Mandal at Dumka, Sis. Selina Marandi at Pakur and Bro. Dhiraj Kujur at Jamshedpur. We are very grateful for these Stalwarts of God who have offered their life for welcoming new soul’s into the kingdom of God.We strongly believe that ministry has never been stagnant and never

will be. If “Moses” left “Joshua” rose to lead the sheep. We give glory and honor to Our Sovereign God who has enabled us to see the fruits of our dear Graduates and the early staff workers. Presently 3 male coordinators who joined the staff team as coordinators in 2017 in Jharkhand. Bro. John Jillani based in Dhanbad, Bro. Raju Deshwali based in Dumka, Bro. P. Nageshwer Rao based in Ranchi. We gratefully covet your prayers to see more fruits in this land and to have it decentralized soon.

Thank God for
1. Combined Bihar and Jharkhand EU & EGF conference was held at Patna from 29 Sep. -1st Oct.2017
2. Graduates and Students who played a vital role to develop the ministry in Jharkhand.
3. Office cum UESI student centre in Ranchi.
4. Increased in student initiatives and student giving.

Pray For
1. More young graduates to be added in the fellowship and take up the leadership.
Need of more open homes.
2. EU and EGF committees to be more effective in all the 5 places.
3. Regional committees to be formed.
4. Students and graduates may own the ministry.
5. Need of more systematic giving.
6. Need of 2 more co-ordinators.
7. State financial need of Rs. 80,000 per month.
8. Decentralisation of Jharkhand
9. More students and graduates to be raised as mentors.
10. Systematic growth of the ministry in the state.

Ranchi ICEU
Ranchi ICEU committee meets once in 2 months to review the plan and the growth of the ministry. Core committee members meet every Tuesday for prayer over phone (conference call) and once in a month for combined EU gathering along with the prayer time.

Ranchi ICEU organizes Evangelistic retreats, camp and Pre-Christmas programmes to fulfill the first AIMS of UESI.

2nd AIMS fulfils through weekly Bible studies, prayer meetings and monthly combined fellowship.
EU Sundays, Mission Awareness Programme (MAP) are organised and outreach programmes are planned to fulfil the 4th Aim (Mission) of UESI.

To bear the expense of local level programmes like retreats and Pre-Christmas program, Ranchi ICEU Committee members contribute and through freewill offerings. We are regularly supporting national and state ministry. We have sent special contribution towards national deficit through T shirt print and sale.

Population (2011)              – 32988134
Males Population (2011)     – 16930315
Females Population (2011) – 16057819


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