INDIA- a world wonder- & UESI a small wonder


“You are citizens with everyone else who belongs to the family of God. 20 You are like a building with the apostles and prophets as the foundation and with Christ as the most important stone. 21 Christ is the one who holds the building together and makes it grow into a holy temple for the Lord. 22 And you are part of that building Christ has built as a place for God’s own Spirit to live. Eph: 2: 19-22

Beloved Brothers & Sisters,
Greetings. . .

It was a joy to watch our prime minister’s speech and the President’s speech live at mid-night, transiting to 1st July 2017, marking One Nation, One Market, One Tax, – GST, Goods & Services Tax, which our Prime Minister has re-expanded it as Good & Simple Tax !!! Both our Prime Minister and the President (a former finance minister) spoke very passionately. Leaving all the debates of what’s the best form of taxation (a debate that’s going to continue), one thing I liked, and thank God is, the call and vision for unity and one-ness that continues in our country. It is indeed an amazing work (of God and God alone) that a region so diverse as India (that were many kingdoms for several centuries) resolved to be ONE nation 70 years ago.
At a UESI NE conference few years ago, one of our elders Bishop Dr CV Mathew said “To me INDIA is a world wonder, united by God, from the hundreds of kingdoms that we once were and the variety of languages and cultures that we still are, surging ahead as ONE nation” While we journeyed these 70 years as ONE, several other countries (even those had cultural alikeness), became two/ several due to the unfortunate situations they walked into.. Praise God that India remains one, while continuing to celebrate unity in diversity.

As God’s people in our dear Nation INDIA, let us thank God for several of His people, our forefathers who dreamt a united India and worked along together, even while we were many kingdoms, prior to our independence and formation as one nation in 1947. To name a few, how can we forget people like , Raja Sir Harnam Singh(1851-1930) KT Paul (1876-1931), Bishop V S Azariah (1847-1945) Bishop Jashwant Rao Chitambar(1879-1940)Bepin Chandra Sircar and several others who worked with ONE-NESS for India and participated in nation building. Despite the fact that they came from different parts of India (a region at that time), they worked together, formed movements like NMS of INDIA and paved way for INDIA as ONE Nation. And how can we forget our elders like Bishop Dr Abraham Marthoma, who stood for the tiny south-end of India- the Kingdom of Travancore (where our UESI AGM 2017 will be held this month) too to be part of India. It will be good if our EUs and EGFs study of these men (and several women of God, like Pantita Ramabai), for they all were active for the Lord and for the Nation of India the preceding few decades before the birth of India as one nation in 1947. Let their lives be our example – their passionate life for the Lord’s work and contributions to the nation building

While India remains a world wonder, let us also praise God for UESI, as we gather this month as the AGM 2017. Praise God that He is bringing us together from various parts of the nation to celebrate our togetherness in mission, with representatives from Jammu to Kanyakumari and from Gujarat to North Eastern States. It is HE who united us, as ONE body to express His passion for the students across the country. So, let us re-dedicate ourselves to His call at this AGM time.

Pray for UESI Finances july’17
Staff Travel & Reimbursements April- to June (Kept pending for want of funds) 7.00L
Staff Travel & Reimbursements April- to June (Kept pending for want of funds) 17.00L
Training Department Projects (CMTC, NMTC etc) 16.00L
Monthly Staff Support and Regular needs of July 2017 35.00L
National AGM- July 2017 8.00L
Pioneering States Support 2.00L
Total Funds Required 85.00L

As we enter July 2018 to the second quarter of this financial year, we seek your earnest prayers for the need of 85L this month to move on to August without deficits. The average inflow in April- June was very low @ 25 lacs per month against the need of 45L per month. So, currently we are at an accumulated shortfall of 40L !!!

Seeking your earnest prayers and participation for a consistent journey,
Joyfully, With you, in Christ,
tReji K Daniel


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