How much shall we praise God for the Common Grace


“And He who gives food to every creature, His love endures for ever. Give thanks to the God of heaven, His love endures for ever” Psalms 136: 25-26

Beloved Brothers and Sisters,
Greetings !!!!

For the last several years it has been a weekly routine for my wife and I to go to a morning market in the outskirts of Pune at 6am on all Thursdays for our weekly vegetables and fruits purchase. Being a whole sale market, the fresh vegetables and fruits that come from nearby villages are indeed a treat to our eyes. Everyday, even early in the morning, the market has been hosting a crowd of retailers who take the vegetables further into the city. Often I used to pause and thank the Lord aloud “And He who gives food to every creature, His love (and also translated as mercy/ loving kindness) endures for ever. Give thanks to the God of heaven, His love endures for ever” Psalms 136: 25-26

Commonly we call this as “God’s common grace”. However, as someone who spent over 25 years in automotive manufacturing industry, who also know the pain /struggles involved even reaching a production level of 1000 parts a day, I often wonder at the Master God’s “common” grace that supplies food to the Billions of people across the world with its inherent beauty, variety and nutrition. For one automotive variant to reach a production level of even 1000 per day, several thousands of sub components also have to reach a production level of 1000 per day, through constant skill training, quality checks, factories with machinery and continual efforts at different clusters of manufacturing. Yet at ease, the Lord Supplies food to all creatures – with a variety and spread across the world what’s needed in each climate- and we call it His “common grace”.

His common grace is evident, not just in food and civil supplies, but almost every realm of life. If only we compare, can human efforts replace it, we can appreciate the magnitude of it. Shall we praise God for His “common grace”. Let us never take His common grace for granted… Let us continually thank God for the common grace.
Having touched upon His common grace in agri-world that produces and orchestrates food and civil supplies, let us also pray for the agricultural segment in our country. Poverty and Hunger is not because of the lack of resources in terms of land and water- that God has given us in plenty- but the lack of good stewardship of resources. To the growth of population in our country and worldwide, if the stewardship issues are not addressed, it may aggravate the Poverty and Hunger in the world. United Nations have taken “Zero Poverty” and Zero Hunger” as the very first two among the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. Much before that, God has installed such values (let there be no poor among you” Deut 15:4 and to bless all peoples of His world through His people is in Gen 12:1-3). But are we good stewards? For the stewardship of the agri-world, more of God’s people should actively involve in preservation of land and water resources, for better farming technologies and practices, soul health management etc. As God’s people we can’t afford to see the wastage nor exploitation of land and other resources. Let us respond to God’s common grace with gratitude and stewardship

On finances, as we enter the last month of the first quarter, we need to catch up in closing the quarter without any shortfalls. The need is as follows
Kindly be in earnest prayers for 76L in June, so that we can move without deficits right from the first quarter. Let us pray and participate as the Lord leads each of us..

Joyfully, with you in Christ
Reji. K. Daniel


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