History in the making in God’s own country… Kerala!!!


Delegates defied dengue-warning! Representatives overcame overflowing rains! Hospitality was at its highest! Exaltation, excellence and exuberance were evident in the UESI Annual General Body Meeting 2017 that was organized in an educational campus – Mar Gregarious Renewal Centre, Vidhya Nagar, Trivandrum (Kerala) from 7/7/17 to 9/7/17, 1st ever national event in the evergreen state, Kerala.

Key note address by Bro. Prem Kumar Devasahayam Lee (known as PKD Lee) set the right tone from the beginning. Bro. Valentine Davidar’s devotions centred on ‘Mentoring Servant Leaders’ and led the assembly into a time of silence, solitude and solid learning at Master’s feet. Choristers from Trivandrum EU/EGF gave their best – punctual, pulsating and passionate performance. Dr. Himadri Sinha, UESI President welcomed all the participants.

On 7/7/17 (Friday), Field Ministry and Department activities of UESI were reviewed and prayed. Seven Zonal Secretaries shared concerns from their respective zones. A few new books were released including Diamond Glow, a compendium of witnesses of UESI Diamonds. Concerns of South Asia Region were shared by IFES Regional Secretary. Dr. S. Arul Manohar, UESI General Secretary shared his testimony of God’s faithfulness in his life, his family and in UESI in the last 5½ years. By night, Students’ Council and NEGF Council met for reviewing ministry among students and graduates separately.

On 8/7/17 (Saturday), UESI Annual General Body Meeting’s business session commenced.
UESI Board Secretary’s report, UESI General Secretary’s report, UESI Treasurer’s report, UESI Audited Statement of Accounts for the year 2016-2017, Budget for the year 2017-18 were presented, deliberated and approved. Floor unanimously approved the decentralization and hence UESI-Madhya Pradesh was born on this day. Key dimension in the proceedings was honouring the Diamonds of UESI, 24 evangelical grandmothers and evangelical grandfathers, who were present in AGM. Hallmark of the evening was the dedication of Bro. Saji Easo as the next UESI General Secretary from 1st January, 2018. Dr. R.E. Dhanraj, UESI Vice President led the UESI family in prayer. Bro. Reji K. Daniel, UESI Treasurer read from the Scriptures. Question hour and zero hour was an overflowing experience which spilled on to the next morning also.

On 9/7/17, approvals for Annual Plans, Annual Calendar of Events and UESI Board Slate for the year 2017-18 were accorded. UESI opened its account in yet another state – Goa, when Goa Engineering College EU was affiliated. With this, Sikkim and Haryana are the only states without any EU/ICEU (hello…. please pray, plan and pursue). Further, Jagdalpur ICEU (Chattisgarh) and other EUs/ICEUs of a few decentralized states were affiliated/ratified (the total has crossed triple three mark). UESI AGM commended the excellent work done by outgoing UESI General Secretary Dr. S. Arul Manohar and the outgoing UESI Board Secretary (no prize for guessing correctly). Bro. Sony Abraham has been selected as the new UESI Board Secretary {I signed OFF with a huge sigh of relief :-)…} This is one of the rare AGMs were the three General Secretaries of our Professional Associates viz., EMFI, ENFI, and ETFI were present and felicitated. In addition, the staffs who are retiring from UESI this year, the staff who completed 15 years of faithful service, the recently joined staff, the staff who are assigned with new responsibilities were felicitated and blessed during AGM. We were encouraged by the words of appreciation by Bro. Paramjyothi Marati, OF-UESI President who flew all the way from Chicago to be with us, the august presence of Bro. James Varghese, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary of Government of Kerala and the concluding remarks and prayer of Bro. Prabakar Solomon.

Oh, how can I forget the best host team under the dynamic leadership of Bro. Viji Thomas (Chairperson), Bro. Jojo Kurien (UESI-KL State Secretary), Bro. Renjan Matthew (Secretary), Bro. Premkumar (Communication), Sis. Nancy Jacob (Bursar), Bro. Matthews Samuel and Bro. Thomas Matthew (Transport), Captain Sam Prasad (Pantry), Dr. Sen (Accommodation), Dr. Sheela Evangeline (Registration) and a host of volunteers from Trivandrum EU & EGF and UESI-Kerala. Under the guidance and support of Rev. Itty Matthew (UESI-KL President) and UESI-KL State Executive Committee, they did a scintillating job. Their smiles, serenity and sincerity were simply superb. In all, 54 students, 140 graduates and 70 staff attended (264), the highest turnout in AGM history (200+ for the fourth consecutive year in UESI AGMs). ALL GLORY AND HONOUR BE UNTO HIM, THE ONLY ONE WHO IS WORTHY TO BE PRAISED!

And, I am grateful to God for giving me such an awesome opportunity to serve you all, my dear brothers and sisters of UESI family, as your Board Secretary. From the bottom of my heart,
I profusely thank every evangelical student, graduate and staff; every supporter, steward and soldier sold out for the cause among students; for the constant encouragement, consistent prayers and continuous co-operation extended in the last four years. It is our great joy which we experienced as a family! Please continue to remember Dr. K. Shanthi, my wife, Naveen Joshua, our son and myself in your prayers. I still stand unworthy, for I have just done my duty…

A. CLEMENT BARNABAS, Former UESI Board Secretary


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