Highlights of Punjab ministry from 2004


History(1970 to 2004)

The first affiliated EU cell was formed in the 1972 by the CMC medical students at Ludhiana through
ministering of pioneers like Bro. P.C Vargehse, Bro. Sarkirthirao, Sisters Naomi McGorman, Elizabeth Clark and Bro. Chandapilla. The likeminded people in CMC: Dr. Betty Cowan, Dr. Mary Mathew, Dr.Nambudripad
invited the staff and UESI leaders to introduce the UESI and the form an EU. This was followed by affiliation of Punjab Agri. Univ. EU. Mr. Jose Jacob and family worked with UESI “82- 1984 keeping Ludhiana as their base.
The staff from Chennai & Bro Emerson paid visits to keep the work going. Mr. Michael Sundersingh family moved to Ludhiana as staff workers from July 1990 when terrorism was at its peak.
Sis Udaya Bharati joined for PG at Chandigarh and revived the EU cell in 1990, and she found believing
doctors and reorganized the EGF. All the doctors from EU background stood with the staff and helped in outreach and camps. The CMC EU conducted retreats and camps at Chandigarh, Jalandhar and Amritsar. Ministry also spread in Batala, Jalandhar, Chandigarh and Amritsar. All those who came for study / work in Christian Medical & Dental Colleges contributed a lot to EU & EGF in Punjab. Many of them after their PG started working in mission hospitals across the country  and abroad

The regular Kharar camp could to terrorism and so we started the camp at CMC Ludhiana in August 1991. We had the UESI & EMFI conference at CMC in March 1993 and the ministry of the men of God helped all the EU and EGF members to unite and work for  the ministry among students with more fervour. We organized prayer conferences and retreats. Due to the visit of many graduates and staff we developed many leaders who
contributed a lot to the ministry.

With friends in United Christian Institute, Suranussi, Jalandhar we pioneered in the then REC and we began the first EU meeting in 1991. With the help of the local graduate family we began regular weekly
meetings in REC campus.


Ministry among Hindi speaking students started in 1994 and a musical evening “Nirnaya 96” in Ludhiana
served as a mass contact program.

The Lord has blessed the work with couple of tentmakers moving into Punjab from TN, in 1995 and 1996 saw the work at Jalandhar got strengthened and the graduates group formed. We praise God for the local graduates who were willing to support UESI at Jalandhar, Moga, Amritsar, Batala, Patiala and Ludhiana.
The Lord has blessed the work with some tentmakers moving into Punjab in 1995, 96. Now there are local graduates also who are willing to support UESI at Jalandhar, Moga, Amritsar, Batala, Patiala and Ludhiana.
In 1997, the Silver Jubilee Conference was held in Khalsa College. Bro. PC and Bro. Jonathan were the speakers and Dr. Jason, the fi rst EU secretary of CMC EU Subsequently, we organized a Leadership Training Camp at Kharar, Prayer conference and a State level EGF conference in 1998. As a result more students were brought to the leadership at Ludhiana, Chandigarh and Jalandhar. With the help of some doctors, we did pioneering at Amritsar. With Bachithar a Sikh convert, the work in Batala progressed. Sister Christina was working as a staff for Chandigarh city from 2001-2004.
-Michael Sundersingh

Highlights of Punjab ministry from 2004
 2004 – 2007: Mr. Rohit Masih from Chandigarh joined as part time coordinator in Chandigarh. Mr.
Micheal Sunder Singh & Mrs. Grace after serving UESI for 16 years in Punjab moved to Delhi and joined EMFI. Mr. Rohit Masih and Mrs. Minati joined UESI National as staff trainee in Delhi. Punjab did not have a staff for one year. Punjab EGF committee was formed officially with Dr. George Koshy as President. Mr. Mervin victor joined as coordinator based at Ludhiana and pioneered Patiala. Mr. Rohit Masih joined UESI national
staff team after based in Jalandhar. We had a discipleship camp for CMC & NIT students in Jammu with 35 students. 5 prayer cells were regularly functioning in Ludhiana.
 2008 – 2011: Mr. Srinivas and Mrs. Padma joined UESI national team and were based at Ludhiana for a year. The ministry in Lovely Professional University was initiated. There was neither staff nor coordinator to
revive the ministry in Punjab. Punjab EGF submitted vision 2020 plan not
knowing how to go about without staff . Chandigarh EGF which was part of Punjab EGF became a separate unit. We had Punjab EGF conference at Ludhiana in order to have fellowship and to give new dimension to ministry. Mr. Spencer and Mrs. Stilla moved to Punjab and were based in Amritsar.
 2012- 2014: Mr. Thomas Masih joined as a student helper to look after Amritsar & Gurdaspur districts. Mr.
Anup Jacob and Mrs. Poonam moved to Punjab and were based in Patiala. Reena Sahota joined as a student
helper base in Amritsar. Amritsar ICEU core group formed in November 2014.

Prayer Focus
1. Leadership training camp from 10th to 13th March’17 in Amritsar, expected participants 20
2. State EGF committee, directs and support the members to increase eff orts of the
evangelism, discipling and leaders making.
3. Rising up local Punjabi speaking coordinators and staff 4. Upcoming Graduates Conference in April 21 – 23, 2017.
FOCUS: The Sixth River / Punjab’s drugs epidemic
The land of fi ve rivers-‘Panj’(5) & ‘Aab’(water)- now has one more river on its land but that’s nothing to be cheerful for. This sixth overfl owing river is of Drugs which is fl ooding the generation. And it has aff ected college & school students, players, police personnel, and politicians – some as victims and some as smugglers. 75% of Punjabi youth are drug addicts as per Punjab govt.’s admission. The drug business is ever growing. The youth need support, strength and a strategy to come out of that part of society where they are treated as useless, hopeless & wasted burden

J. Sudheer Kumar, Samuel Spencer and Michael
Sunder Singh


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