“Here am I, Send ME!” – Jharkhand EGF Missions Camp 2018


Glory and honour be to the powerful name of the Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour and God. The first mission camp was organized by Jharkhand Evangelical Graduate Fellowship from 26-28 Jan,2018 at Sreenibas Campus, Ranchi. We could give sufficient emphasis on the fourth aim of UESI i.e., “mission” which was mostly untouched earlier. 26 delegates actively participated in the camp, pondering over the visionary theme “Here am I, send me!” based on Is. 6: 8, 26.

The delegates understood the missionary command of Jesus through the expositions led by Br. Sundar Singh Babu. The delegates could see a bigger picture of God’s global mission, not merely as an activity but as His attribute and heartbeat. We were able to recognize through Integral Mission led by Br. Manish Lall, that God’s mission is fulfilling our role in the betterment of the society in the light of the Scriptures. Bro. Ravi Kumar, helped us learn about the lifestyle and beliefs of people from different faiths. We could feel the vast challenge of reaching out to them with the gospel, as the percentage of people from other faiths is mind boggling. Br. Hingba Maram brought to surface the personal weaknesses which disarms every missionary through the session, ‘Ineffectiveness in Student Ministry’. Br. Raju Deshwali presented the survey of Jharkhand with statistics of the colleges and universities.

In the devotions, Dr Himadri Sinha, beautifully described the power of God that worked in and through various missionary’s life who were ordinary people. He helped us understand how they relied on God’s strength to bring about significant reformation in the world. The delegates were grouped in the name of missionaries. Each group learning about those missionaries and presenting their learnings before others were creative. Mission organizations like World Vision and ESAF shared how God gave the vision to their pioneers and how He has led them till today.

The celebration of Republic day was a boon for the delegates as they saluted the national flag and reflected on the condition of India and their responsibilities towards the nation. The participants were excited much about the mission exposure trip, in which they visited various temples, gurudwara and church. This trip served to break their inhibitions towards approaching people from other faith with the gospel. The staff families and graduates took special initiative to cook food for the participants throughout the camp. Just a month prior to the commencement of the camp many graduates and staff families invited the delegates through sharing videos in WhatsApp about their testimonies about how God gave a purpose to their life to be a part of God’s global mission. Our hearts are filled with gratitude towards God for all the students, graduates and staff who took burden to pray and support the camp, financially, physically and morally. Kindly pray for the delegates to keep their testimonies and be strengthened to live out their decisions.

Sunny Murmu, IIT ISM, Dhanbad EU,
Mission Camp director


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