Hallelujah! The Lord provided 1.06 crores in March alone!


Dear brothers and sisters:

Greetings in the name of our Risen Lord Jesus Christ – Happy Resurrection! The Lord is risen; He is risen, indeed! The Lord has provided, indeed!
By virtue of being part of the Finance world, I have seen many year-ends but nothing to beat this one I witnessed in UESI. Every year I am on the other side of the excitement but this time I was in the thick of things, something that I will not forget for many years to come. Why do I say so? Not many times in your life, you come in close range to God’s faithfulness and his awesome power, when you are weak and lack faith. I went through an experience that can’t be penned down completely in words.

However, allow me to share my experience as I went through each day of March 2019 for which I am thankful to God and each of you reading this letter. Thank-you! To begin with I did not believe we could receive 1.06 crores in 31 days – I thought it was impossible, although some told me God will provide. Yes, Indeed, he provided, I was wrong. Below is a glimpse of what happened in Mar 2019.

Steady flow of Receipts daily – We received money on every single day of Mar 2019 from 725 entities including graduates, students, EUs, EGFs and States from across the nation and the highest number of transactions were 80 each on both 30th & 31st. Can you believe? The highest we received was on 26th March and 30th March – Rs 19 lakhs and 12 lakhs respectively. Just for your information and reminder, these days were just after fasting and praying that we all committed ourselves to on two Fridays. It was an amazing feeling to see funds coming in every few minutes and those alerts on mobile gave us that dose of encouragement throughout the day.

Sacrificial giving – I have never come so close to magnified generosity in my life before. Sacrificial giving is an understatement when you consider how much some of our graduates and EU/EGFs have contributed. What moved me specially was the sacrificial giving by many of our staff. Kudos to all our sacrificial donors!

Repeat Givers not just sacrificial – Trust me, there are countless Graduates, EUs and EGFs who have given not once, not twice but more during the month of March alone. I have no words to accurately describe such sacrificial donors in our community. Where can you find such generous people? Only in God’s kingdom!

Communication – We have received countless number of WhatsApp messages, SMS text, emails from number of people on several days in these 31 days. Messages of various kinds – Asking how to transfer, Information on already transferred money, asking latest deficit amounts, some encouraging us with prayer and words. I even received calls just so that I am not discouraged. So lovely, isn’t it?

Fasting and prayer – This once again reaffirmed UESI community’s dependence on God and trusting him to provide as always. So encouraging to see so many graduates and students participating in fasting and praying. It was heartening to see chain prayer WhatsApp messages on those days. I believe fasting and praying worked more than our human wisdom or technologies which we so often depend upon.

Office Staff working round the clock – As mentioned above, there were 725 transactions in March alone, as against an average 150 to 200 a month. That only means additional work for our Staff who issue receipts, do the accounting, etc. I thank God for keeping them in good health and their sacrificial effort during those days. Please take a moment to thank God for our staff.

Well, there are number of things I can go on writing, but I can’t, there are limitations on this letter. All what happened in March tells me God answers prayer and he moves hearts. Secondly, UESI as community is truly generous, unparalleled and I praise God.

Where do we go from here? Even as we thank God, I would urge each of you reading to continue to look to God to provide our needs as we keep praying. Going forward, we would urge you to set aside the Fourth Friday of the month for fasting and praying (skip a meal) for UESI Financial needs exclusively, so that money comes regularly and our needs are met monthly. Will you take part in this?

Need in March 2019 – Rs 1.06 crores
Received in March 2019 – Rs 1.06 crores (plus surplus of Rs 28,000)

Need in Apr 2019 – Rs 53.60 lakhs (per budget)
Major expenses:
Staff Salary & other Staff expenses including Staff welfare – Rs 38 Lakhs

Yours in Him,
Franky Fernandes
+91 9959761555


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