With much joy and gratefulness to our Almighty God, the Goa UESI family is happy to share the experience of our very first Mission’s Day. The Mission’s Day was held on 23rd February 2020 at Panaji Methodist Church. We had our guest speakers accompanied by other two persons are missionaries from London. They are a part of the OM (Operational Mobilization) International Coordinating Team. They also work as one of the associates of IFES and are invited as resource persons.

We had 80 people, including students from different colleges of Goa, graduates, believers from different churches along with 2 Goan pastors led by our staff coordinator & staff family for the 3-hour programme.

He took us through the Bible to make us known about the Biblical basis of Missions. In Genesis 9:1, God blessed Noah and his sons saying to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the Earth”. God tells them to scatter away to the face of the earth while their greatest temptation could have been to stay near the ark that had been their salvation. Our neighbour living next to us is not by accident because God determines the exact time and place of where we will be. Brother encouraged us to always have our mission/evangelism antennae ready to grasp the opportunity to share the gospel. Doing International World Mission is not about crossing the oceans but about crossing the road. He also encouraged us to read the Bible with double lenses i.e. looking out for Messiah and Mission.

A Survey on World Mission was also given which was an eye-opener for many. The mission today is no longer West to Rest of the World but it is now with those who have heard the gospel to share it with those who haven’t.
They performed a short drama encouraging us to feed the people with The Bread of Life no matter what the trouble we may have to face. They also shared their testimony on how God called them to be missionaries which helped us learn that God provides our needs, when He calls us. We also had a time of prayer praying for the world mission, mission in India, UESI and the Ministry in Goa.

Towards the end Mr. Gareth gave a call for mission and dedicated us for the same. We thank God for giving us a good exposure on Mission through our guest speakers and also for bringing people from all parts of Goa for the programme. We would also like to thank every individual for keeping us in your sincere prayers and would request you all to continually pray for the ministry in Goa.

Following are the decisions taken by some of our fellow brothers and sisters:

“Preach gospel, win souls.”
“I will evangelise my friends.” Deial, Student from Carmel College
“To involve and spread the word of God, and be a testimony in my class and campus.” Student from Goa Engineering college
“I would love to be a part of mission whenever & wherever possible.” PhD student from BITS

Prayer secretary


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