FAITH ECONOMY… light in this world of blackening economies


magisBeloved Brothers & Sisters,
November 2016, with demonetisation of 500 an 1000 Rupee notes (that constituted 86% of India’s running currency) has brought an unforeseen upheaval in the country. NO CASH at most of the ATMs, very long queues for the limited daily cash withdrawals, the rush for exchange/deposit of old notes, call to go cash-less etc mark the day most of the places. Life has become extremely difficult for the common man, while a question remains, will demonetisation eliminate the black money in the country?
Black money (money derived from economic activities and sources outside of a country’s rules and regulations) is indeed very hazardous. Black money breeds more black money, darkening the economy to a black economy. It is a threat to a nation’s social fabric, peace and sustainable growth. We need to pray that
God will have mercy unto our country and save us from black money, black economy and its cancerous effects.
Economics seems to be quite close to the heart of God as we read the books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy. His economic theories with the unique concept of gleaning (Lev: 19:9-10, Deut: 24: 19-21) etc are quite different from that of our contemporary world. While many of our current economic practices breed more greed and divide in the society, God’s own thoughts as expressed in these passages (and several other such passages) were with practices that can bridge the potential gaps in the society (between the rich and poor and even between people and nature). Such theories could have brought beauty and harmony as we see a glimpse of it in the book of Ruth.
FAITH in GOD (and thereby Trust in Him) is an essential pre-requisite for such a model of economy based on GIVING and spreading the joy of giving. It is the land-owner’s love for the Lord (and faith in Him) that defined the giving. For instance, the law of gleaning right to the poor – calls for corners of the land with crops standing, kept aside for gleaners to harvest (pe’ah in Hebrew) and also for harvested bunches to be left in the field for the gleaners to pick up (Leket– in Hebrew). Both Pe’ah and Leket were in voluntary measures as an expression of the land owner’s love for the Lord and thereby concern for others. It is an economy based on FAITH (for it is the faith that propels people to let go their riches for others glean their harvest).
Our contemporary world is inflicted with greed, black money, inflation and a host of such issues that threatens and weakens the society. As Disciples of Christ in this generation, it is our responsibility to research the Scripture for God’s answers to the struggles of our society in economics. Pray for God’s wisdom for new economic theories and practices for our society, for that alone can bring light to this blackening
economies. Can we dream and pray for a joyous society where FAITH propels people to GIVE. A FAITH ECONOMY in practice at home, in our businesses, in our society and on to the nation?
We are in December an action packed time for UESI community with creative Christmas programmes, one-to one fellowship times, family times, time to receive gifts and give gifts and so on. Pray that the Lord will be with us in all our needs in these months. May I seek your earnest prayers for December 2016.
These amounts may look big. And that too while a number of Christmas programmes are going on across the UESI community. But time and again, God has provided us with His amazing ways of meeting all the needs. Praise God and let us encourage our community to pray and participate in these needs
of the house of the Lord.
Seeking your earnest prayers.
With you, in Christ,
Reji K Daniel


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