Welcome 2017- INDIA @ 70


Beloved Brothers & Sisters,
2016 has left us with a momentous history on the make. For our dear nation India, and internationally, the year has been perplexing with quite a lot of unexpected moments and events. Only time will tell the ramifi cations of several of the 2016 happenings, from Brexit to Trump-win to demonetisation. The world is generally in turmoil with several issues, untameable terrorism, nation against nation and people against people. With these and many more, as the world entering 2017, our dear nation India will be 70 as the year would progress.
INDIA @ 70 is indeed a matter to praise God that He has kept us moving as ONE nation for these seven decades. India, a political concept of diff erent languages, religions and cultures as ONE nation came to existence in 1947. Let us continue to pray for India @70 that we will continue as a model nation of unity in diversity.
From 40 Cr in the fi rst decade, Indian population is now 134 Cr as we enter 2017. And the population forecast predicts that by 2025, India will be over 145 Cr as the most populous nation in the world (upgrading from the number 2 position that we have held for the last 7 decades).
Did the last 7 decades bring us peace and progress? As we see statistics on India’s progress, several aspects would disturb us than comfort. For instance, the urbanisation grew from 17% in the fi rst decade to 32% as of now, but a huge 40 to 60% of urban India classifi ed as “urban poor,” living in the fringes with extremely diffi cult conditions. While the nation boasts of its move to go cash-less, the global fi ndex data base reveals that only 53% of India is holding bank accounts (of which 43% is dormant)- unbelievable! Do only 25% of Indians have active bank accounts? There is further more disturbing data on the urban- rural divide and the
rich-poor divide
It is to this dear India, in the very fi rst decade in 1954, God instituted UESI with the vision of “Transformed Students, impacting the campuses and the nation as Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ” and the mission to evangelise students and nurture them as disciples of Jesus Christ to serve the Church and
the Nation.
As God’s people in this nation, what is our dream for India for the com ing decade? I remember an old song popular in the EU during my student days
This land is Your Land, This land is my land, from the Himalayas, down to cape Comerin.
From Bombay City, to old Calcutta, This land belongs to you and me.
This land needs Jesus, He is the answer. This land needs Jesus, we youth must tell her.
Tell of the Saviour, His saving power. STAND AND DECLARE HIS LOVE TO ALL.

Let us pray for our dear India, that God will bless INDIA in 2017 and beyond with His love, grace and mercies. And as UESI, let us pray that God will bless our vision “Transformed Students IMPACTING NATION as DISCIPLES OF CHRIST.75910-oexuf4-8261
Yes, our land needs Jesus, HE is the answer. And let us pray that in the varied dimensions of our dear nation, we will be channels of what our Lord wants to do. As our students engage in studying and researching in various streams, pray that they will be channels of bringing Godly wisdom (what would Jesus do) in their streams of studies. And as graduates, impacting the nation with “what would Jesus do” in the fi elds of our
work engagements. May it be engineering, fi nances, banking, medical, agriculture or any fi eld, let each of our graduates and students be sources of Godly wisdom in this needy nation.
It is heartening to note that ESAF, a vision sprouted in the UESI community has received RBI licence to function as a SMALL FINANCE BANK. It is an amazing story how God honoured the vision of some of our dear
members to raise a testimony in the area of banking and fi nances. May God use them to research the Scripture for newer ideas of Godly wisdom, as channels of healing their domain of banking, fi nances and
beyond, infl icted with infl ation and several similar issues.
Likewise, let us pray that in varied  elds of our dear nation, God may raise men and women of God to impact the nation as Disciples of Christ as India enters the 8th Decade.
I write this note, just before Christmas and the TRISCON. By the time this reaches you in print, you will hear the good news that God has provided for all the needs during December, a tough month. Continue to pray for the UESI fi nances as we move with the monthly budget of 45 Lacs at National alone.budjet-from-treasurer
Pray for this quarter – Jan to March, 90 days to go for the closure of this fi nancial year 2016-17. Kindly have a look at the graph to praise God for His faithfulness over the years and pray that we will experience God’s amazing provisions to fuel the growth in ministry for His glory even in this year 2017.
treasurerSeeking your earnest prayers and togetherness,
With you, in Christ,
Reji K Daniel


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