UESI-TN Mission Action Group (MAG) organized Francke’s Meet at MUT Campus Oddanchatram during 31st Aug and 1st Sep. Nearly 55 Students and graduates participated. Francke was a mission minded professor of Halle University who mentored and motivated Ziegenbalg, the first protestant missionary to embrace Missions in India. This program was focused on mission mentoring.

The program was filled with missionary stories, video testimonies of people involved in missions, exciting activities and empowering bible studies on Mission mentoring.

Here are few quick takeaways from the meet.

• From the life of Aquila and Priscilla, it’s imperative to take right decision in marriage. It is also important to be theologically sharp and Biblically strong.
• Mentors are known by their convictions and they stand for it even if they are the only voice. They always give their best.
• Mission mentors don’t focus on things God provided, but on God. They should be willing to give up their rights and privileges by denying the self.
• For mission mentors listening to God is the life line. They also listen to God’s people with discernment. If the lifeline is blocked, there are consequences of battle, sin, and contempt. If the lifeline is intact, we are blessed under God’s discipline, design and provided with wisdom to discern.
• As mission mentors, we are to practice the presence of God, prepare for team work, persevere God’s word and fulfill God’s purposes.

Everyone was equally blessed by Mr. R. Billy, Mrs. Shobana Nelson, Mrs. Hannah Alex and the MAG team who served as resource personnel. Their zeal, passion and sacrificial living were so evident and contagious.

Dr Steward Sam Arjunan, Oddanchatram


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