Feel The Pinch!


Dear UESI Family

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Let me start with a short story . . .

Obed and his wife Shanaya called up their pastor and told they wanted to donate their sofa set to the church. “Oh thank-you, you may drop them in the church office tomorrow” told the pastor.
Next day they dropped the sofa set in the office. “Pastor thank-you for giving us the opportunity to give to the church” Obed humbly told his pastor.

“Thank-you and God bless your giving. They look so new and well kept . . . May I ask you what makes you give this sofa set?” Pastor asked.

“Pastor, we are buying a new sofa set.” Shanaya told the pastor with a bright smile.

“Thank you for gifting the church office your sofa set and we really needed one but If you don’t mind can I ask you both something?” Pastor said.

“Sure, Pastor, absolutely” Obed replied

“Did you feel the pinch giving these things to the church?” Pastor asked them this introspecting question.

Obed and Shanaya’s were silent for a moment . . . . . “No Pastor we are . . . . we are actually giving because we want to dispose it off” replied Obed as honestly as he could, and they both left the church office with much less excitement than they came . . .

Brothers and sisters – Do you know what it is to Give and not feel the pinch?

When we give away things to others because we want to dispose them off…When we give each month our tithes mechanically as a ritual . . . When we give for a deficit when we have surplus.

Is this wrong? No, it’s not wrong, just that it is not sacrificially giving.

What is giving when you feel the pinch?

When you know your giving can affect your regular expenses but you still give because there’s a bigger need than yours . . . When you give knowing your job is in danger . . . When you give knowing you can’t buy what you planned . . . When we give for a deficit when you know the next month is going to be tough.

One is sacrificial like the Macedonian churches

(2 Cor 8-9), the other is like ordinary churches. Which church are you from? Do you remember when you last gave and felt the pinch?

UESI has an unprecedented huge deficit of over 1 crore and the total need this month is Rs 1.59 crs. In addition, we will soon need for the Northfield project (Conference center in Dehradun)
Rs 5.5 crs to purchase the land and build a structure with basic facilities . . . Total need Rs 7.09 crores.

The only way we can wipe out this deficit and also raise funds for Northfield is if each of us give and feel the pinch. . . God is faithful, He gave and felt the pinch, it’s our time now to be faithful and feel the pinch.

Can you try giving this month and feel the pinch, too?


  • We continue to accumulate deficit at Rs 13.50 lacs every month due to lesser income than expenses.
  • Compared to last year, our monthly income has gone down and expenses gone up
  • If you observe, our biggest spending is Staff Salaries and monthly income is not enough to cover these.
  • Our deficit is Rs 1.07 crores and need for December Rs 1.59 crores – next month’s Salaries payments will become difficult
  • This month we also will be giving Christmas gifts for our Staff as we do every year
  • Please uphold sincerely in prayer that our Income will go up and we can contain the expenses.
  • Please join us in prayer and fasting last Friday of the month.

Yours in Him,
Franky Fernandes
+91 9959761555


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