Creative Bible Teaching Workshop was organized by UESI- TTD on 2018 May 14th -19th at Highfield Kotagiri. It was an exciting experience to have 19 participants from 5 states who with enthusiasm discovered creative methods to teach the Word of God. The sessions on “How to tell Bible stories,” “Preparing a sermon with 4 Horizons,” “Teaching doctrine creatively”, etc., by Dr, Beulah Wood and Dr. Jamila Koshy nourished the minds with creative methods. The environment of Highfield facilitated the participants to have innovative thoughts and focused them to explore the creativity of the Creator God. They were able to do their presentations creatively and sharpen their skills.

The Bible reading and voice practice enabled each one of us to resonate as well as to practice our voices to be loud enough for obvious communication. The exercises and the practices given in a well-organized way, conferred a thorough training to do the teaching with inventive ideas. It was a thrilling experience which inspired our minds to comprehend the creativity of our Creator God. For Mrs. Preeti , Mrs. Shirley and me , it was great to have the second level training as well as to take CBT method devotion providing a wider opportunity for equipping ourselves to be more effective . In an astounding way, the Lord of impossibilities met all the needs.

Let’s hear from the participants:
I got more ingenious ideas to preach and take Bible studies. – Sathish
Learnt the methods to prepare sermon with four horizons, artistic ways of conducting Bible studies and it is leading us to explore other possibilities.Naveen
Learnt to improve in sermon preparation with creativity, Bible studies, doctrines as well as to develop my voice.Somching Leivang

Lizzy Christopher,
UESI Staff , Tamilnadu


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