Dear UESI family:
Greetings in the faithful name of our Lord Jesus Christ

Just yesterday UESI-AGM 2019 concluded, and I had the opportunity to present my first Treasurer’s report during the AGM. It was a great time reflecting on God’s faithfulness in UESI and in my own life last one year as a Treasurer. Among many things I shared there were couple slides which had Statistics on Giving which personally was intriguing when I learnt about it and later, I heard some others in the AGM were intrigued, too, after hearing my presentation. I’m sure you will find it interesting and keep you thinking and praying.

According to the latest figures that were presented in the AGM we have officially around 6000 graduates. However, we get contributions from 1000 graduates, out of which 600 contribute only once a year, 200 contribute 2-8 times a year, 40 contribute 9-11 times a year and 50 contribute every month. There are around 1200 State/EGF/EUs, out of which 200 contribute, 80 contribute once a year and 16 contribute every month.

Another analysis that I shared was on Receipts, Payments and deficits every month. Last financial year, 9 months we had deficits. On an average we receive only 4% to 7% as against 8.34% that we need every month. Many months we don’t even receive enough contributions to pay salaries. 27% of the total receipts were received in March and there are 200 contributors who contributed only once in March.


What does this all tell? I am not sure how much of this made sense to you but two things that come out clearly to me from these statistics is the need for, firstly, Consistency in Giving, Every month and secondly, Every one participating in Giving to the National treasury. How will this help? Monthly deficits will be fewer and March need will be much less. How? When everyone gives, every month, even if it is a small amount, it accumulates into a big sum. Proverbs 13:11b –“ Whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.” Every little that comes from EUs, EGFs, Individuals, put all together it’s a big amount in that month, provided all of us Give.

Every-one, Every-month, Every-year – Can you pray that this would happen?







Yours in Him,
Franky Fernandes
+91 9959761555


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