EUs & EGFs –Local mission communiti es, with a vision for their States and the Nati on.


Beloved Brothers & Sisters,
Greetings . . .
In 1954, it was THREE functioning local student mission communities (Madras ICEU,VelloreEUandCoimbatore EU) that came together to form UESI- the UNION of EVANGELICAL STUDENTS OF INDIA. India was just 7 years old at that time. Not much was known about the vastness, diversity and details of our country at that
time. Yet our founding members, moved by God, had the vision to name the movement “Union of Evangelical Students of INDIA”

Their vision was beyond their visible geographies. They were not big in numbers, nor they had abundant resources, yet their vision for the whole land of India was unflinching. And as they committed and gave themselves as stewards of that God-led vision, the movement exploded to various parts of the country
as we see it today.
Over the last 63 years, several of our EUs and EGFs were characterised by
• Praying for India (often with a prayer map of India -in the prayer rooms of our students, graduates and staff )
• Going as, and sending missionary students to needy states /regions
• Several graduates choosing vocations and placements in the needy states / regions.
• EUs and EGFs adopting needy states /regions in pioneering zones
• Budgeting and Giving for the ministry at Local, State and National levels.

Why a budget for the Local ministry?

The last few decades were of momentous growth in the education-map of India. Several newer educational centers have come up across the country. So we need to work harder for the ministry at Local, forming thriving mission communities that can reach out to the campuses in our local areas. The city /taluka /district maps
with education centers marked up should become our prayer cards. Hence let us budget for the Local Activities.

Why a budget for State?
Local EUs/EGFs being mission communities planted by God, it is our responsibility to support the State ministry
infrastructure that provide us Staff for our areas, State Level Training Programmes and join our state in
reaching out to the rest of the State to mission communities (EUs and EGFs) for the unreached areas within the State. Newer education centers in our States should become our areas of concern, prayer and involvement.

Sl Ministry Head *Yrly *Mtly
1 Unipet Students Programmes 12000 1000
2 Student Training Projects 30000 2500
3 Support to National StudenScholarships (PTCMUS) 18000 1500
4 Support to BIHAR Annual Conference 12000 1000
5 Support to State Regional Conference 24000 2000
6 Support to State TRICON 12000 1000
7 Unipet Graduates – Students – Monthly Meetings 124000 2000
8 Unipet Annual Camp (30 Graduates & 30 Students) 60000 5000
9 Support to State 180000 15000
10 Support to National 144000 12000
*All fi gures are indicatory
UNIPET EGF TOTAL 516000 43000

Why a budget for National?
Four of our Zones- North West (JK, PB, HP, HR & DL), North (UP, UK & RJ) North Central (MP, CG, BH & JH) and the East (WB &OR), as well as parts of West and North East zones are in pioneering situation, calling for our involvement. It’s not just a few cities that are known for education opportunities now. Several suburban
areas, satellite towns and even taluka head-quarters that are now developing as good educational centres. And those centres are awaiting for our students, staff and graduates as God’s channel of blessing over there. Most of our UESI National Staff is deployed in these pioneering Zones. In addition, the National is responsible to support the ministry at the States through its Departments, States Secretaries, Zonal Secretaries and National level training projects to keep the movement growing for God’s glory.
Several EUs and EGFs across the country are now practicing this 3 Dimensional
involvement. A model budget table from our very old UNIPET EU/EGF is shown
herewith. Further, if any EU /EGF unit require assistance in terms of format for
budget, accounting etc, please let us know.
We are in March, the last month of the fi nancial year. And we seek your earnest
prayers for the following

• Closing the fi nancial year without any defi cits: Our budget for the year 2016-17 was 5.3 Cr at the National (70% of it for Staff Support). We would require about 75 Lacs this month (including regular needs in March)

• Decentralised States & State EGFs; Pray that our13 decentralised states and the State EGFs of pioneering states, will also be enabled by God to close their year without any defi cits.

• Audits and Compliances requirements of the fi nancial year. Seek support from all states and units to submit the account statements with supporting vouchers for onward integration with the national accounts. Please
pray for the process.

• Participation of all ICEUs and EGFs across the country in the fi nances at their States and National. That all units will review their local budget this month, catch up in giving…Seeking your earnest prayers and togetherness,With you, in Christ,
Reji K Daniel

Pray for UESI Finances Mar ‘17
Regular Monthly Needs 36.0L
Staff Travel & Reimbursements- 2.0L
Training Department Projects 6.0L
Staff Future Benefi ts Q4 NPS& PPF) 12.0L
Staff Future Benefi ts (Gratuity YearPremium) 12.0L
PTCM UESI Scholarship- Instalment 2 5.0L
Pioneering States Support 2.0L
Total Funds Required 75.0L

tSeeking your earnest prayers and togetherness,
With you, in Christ,
Reji K Daniel


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