EU Sunday, Bhind, Gwalior Region, MP


The dawn of 15th July began with a long and appeasing sight-seeing travel to one of the most interior places in the district of Bhind in MP. The Gwalior EU staff family, Mr. Madhu and Mrs. Aarti were accompanied by their two daughters, an EGF graduate Dr. Vijay (St. Mary School) and an Eu Student Jyothis (Jiwaji University) for the EU Sunday organized in an FMPB church. The Pastoral family and the congregation were very welcoming. Their hospitality really took us aback as God had prepared the hearts of the congregation to welcome UESI ministry amongst them. This is definitely a result of the good interaction and communication between FMPB and UESI staff. Language no more seemed to be a barrier. The EU Sunday began with a testimony by Jyothis, followed by a song by Mrs. Aarti. Mr. Madhu gave a powerful testimony preceding the devotion from the book of Haggai which was about building and strengthening the temple of God which he related to as the heart and mind of each person. Dr. Vijay with his oratory skills moved the hearts of the congregation to get to know UESI in a better way. We had a love feast prepared by the pastoral family and 3 FMPB missionaries. Later in the evening we visited the Good shepherd school in Bhind, where Dr. Vijay introduced UESI as a movement to the teenage students (9th to 12th standard) very tactfully. They were all hostlers (age 3-17) blessed to be without a TV or mobile phone unlike the current generation that is always busy with gadgets and without any physical exercise. We had a great time getting to know these children and the wardens who were FMPB missionaries. It felt as if the EU Sunday turned out to be an exposure visit. It was a soulful experience for all of us. I request you to uphold the ministry in Bhind in your prayers.

Ms. Jyothis Jose, Jiwaji University, Gwalior


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