In1967 Mr. P. M. Mathai reached Ernakulam and was employed as a teacher in a school. He had been exposed to UESI ministry during one of his visits to Madras a few years back. He began to pray for an opening to start an evangelical ministry for the students in Ernakulam. He prayerfully contacted a few students and encouraged them to meet together for prayer in their colleges. These groups grew in number and they began to meet together as ICEU which later got affiliated with UESI.

Ernakulam EU celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2017 with the theme ‘REDISCOVER and REINFORCE with RELEVANCE’. The objective of the celebration was to rediscover the past, reinforce the present and make ourselves relevant for the future. The students and graduates came together for a detailed study of the four aims of UESI followed by a series of workshops on personal evangelism.

The conference was held at Angamaly Convention Centre from the 5th – 7th of January, 2018. Mr. John Samuel IPS, a former member of Ernakulam EGF exposed the theme. The history of the ministry was portrayed through a series of videos which highlighted the specific events and persons of each decade. Another highlight of the conference was the three panel discussions which dealt with The Challenges of the Conscience, The Challenges of the Community and The Challenges of the Changing scenario.

A time of celebration and thanksgiving was held which presented the members from the 5 decades. The presentation of the Road Map for the next one year was one of the important highlights. Dr. Mathew Jacob encouraged the EU-EGF community in Ernakulam to run with perseverance the race that is set before us. The historic Golden Jubilee Conference was concluded with the prayer and benediction by Mr. P. M. Mathai who initiated the ministry 50 years back. Praise be unto God for using Ernakulam EU in a wonderful way during the past 50 years.



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