EQUIPPED TO ENTRUST – National CMTC Kotagiri 3, 2017


CMTC-K3 was held from 12 to 26 July, 2017, at Highfield, the land of UESI legends. 32 students from 15 states of our diverse country participated. Doctrines presented in an engaging way, Bible studies that inspire us to study the Word with much more fervour and zeal, practical talks on how to share our faith, and how to deal with our everyday struggles, daily devotions that urged us to think hard – these were some of the highlights of the camp.
We were also trained in a variety of life skills as we tried different kinds of food, worked as a team to serve or clean or arrange the meeting hall, led songs in different languages and even attempted basic things like washing our own clothes, getting up early and keeping ourselves warm to stay alive! What spurred us on were the constant reminders to pursue godliness, humility and self-discipline in all things as we trained to be leaders. Do remember us as we get back to our battlegrounds, our campuses. Every minute can be a struggle and yet also be one more reason to look to Him who equips us to face each day, one day at a time.

Eva Thomas, Trivandrum

“What I most enjoyed during the camp was our family time at the end of each day. We would meet in our small groups and share what touched our hearts through the day and what God was saying to us. Those were also times of laughing together, having fun and learning from one another.”
Namrata Adhikari, Bhimtal

“Yes, I was told the camp will be amazing. Yes I was told it would be a life-changing experience. I had my hopes high and the camp surpassed them all! Our resource people discipled and disciplined us and encouraged us to initiate aspects which we were not so confident about previously.”
Gladlyn Deboret Suthakar, Bangalore

“Getting to know the culture of other states was one of the most interesting things to me during this camp. I learned to accept that we all come from different perspectives but can learn to love one another because of God.”
Akhrieno Khamu, Mewar

Reported by CMTC students and edited by Joyce William


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