Equipped to Entrust – CMTC, Kotagiri 1


As we look back into the 2 weeks in CMTC, we are filled with nostalgic feelings. It was indeed a memorable camp, reviving the flame within us and entrusting the need to equip others.

The CMTC kotagiri 1 started on 27th May, 2019 with 38 students, representing over seventeen states of India, all coming in various cultural backgrounds but with a common goal, i.e. growing in the Lord and glorifying our saviour Jesus Christ. The camp started with a brief introduction/sharing session. It was an ice-breaker! Hearing such strong salvation stories and testimonies made us realise, “how great is our God!”

Our leaders in the core group consisted of M/S. Shirley Kshirsagar (Director), Sathish Kumar, Leroy Sam, Ancy Varghese, Srinivas, Rajesh Kshirsagar, Shirley Isaac, Reji Varghese, Ancy Reji, Reji Daniel, Jamila Koshy, Titus, and Ms. Suma Srinivas. We could see their passion in teaching us various subjects and for being with us all along.

The best time we spent with God was the quiet time we practiced every day between 7:00 and 7:30 a.m. followed by sharing our learning with our camp family. The family of 38 members was split into 6 groups to share the responsibilities such as singing, serving, time management, hall arrangement, worship and cleaning.

The thoughtful presentation of doctrines was very useful to build our faith in God. It was easily understandable and the facts were purely Scripture based. The resource person found favour among participants by answering all questions with much wisdom. The PBS session was really useful for better understanding of the Word of God to enrich us in faith. We were working on it long to finish but it was like “digging deeper to get good and fresh water”. We also had a time GBS practice with our fellow participants. The study hour helped us in preparation and meditation for our PBS and GBS portion.

The Handbook sessions were really informative to understand the functioning of UESI, as committee members. Practical talk sessions by dedicated resource personnel were encouraging to our student lives, as we would go back to our campuses. Every alternative evening, we had two by two sessions with a different pair each day. It was very helpful for us to get rid of our home sickness and comfort us when depressed, as we shared our sorrows to another person. Devotions really made us think about our own perseverance, and helped us to dedicate our lives for God’s will. We had an excellent time of reflection in our family ever day on what we learnt and a time of praying together.

The highlights were prayer time on first Sunday, picnic to Ooty, special lunch at the Pandians family and Quiet Day! On the Quiet Day we spent quality time with God worshipping, meditating on His word, searching our hearts and reflecting on the decision and commitments. We were led to the spiritual high during the last supper and talent show. Last but not the least, the delicacies from the kitchen strengthened us physically.

A shout out to the Core Team who made the 15 days lively, and memorable. All praise, glory and honor to God above who chose us to be part of this life altering camp.

Hannah, Ludhiana CMC EU, Abiud P, Coimbatore ICEU, Shako, Kolkata ICEU, and Aksha from CUSAT EU Trivandrum.


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