CMTC Kotagiri-1 was held from May 16th to 30th 2017 at the UESI campsite ‘Highfield’ in Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu. It was a stupendously amazing time of fellowship, learning, praying and growing. The 41 students who attended from all across the nation left revived, ‘equipped to entrust’ as the theme said and committed to the cause we, as Christians, are called for. The graduates and staff worked day in and day out to ensure that we delegates got maximum profit out of the time spent there. They embodied Christ’s love and humility in all they did and became just like one of us, singing and laughing, always ready to clear doubts or help. The days that started at 6 am and went up to sometimes even past 11 pm were strenuous but we never felt it was too much, in fact we wanted more! Such was the sense of fellowship, belonging, learning and accomplishment that we got there. We were constantly reminded of the joy of togetherness in Christ that transcends all our differences and the greatness of the call to which He has called us. Words cannot express how blessed and thankful we are for the days we spent in in such a beautiful campsite at CMTC K-1 and the lessons that we’ve learned from there. There’s still much to do and learn but CMTC has given us the confidence that by God’s grace, we can influence the world one day at a time and entrust to others what we’ve been equipped with.

Bingiala Laloo and Shobha Elizabeth John


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