Discipleship Training Camp @ GOA


The UESI in Goa conducted its Discipleship Training Camp from 8th to 10th March 2020 with the theme “Abide in Christ “. The camp was coordinated by one of our student leaders with the support of State Student cell and staffs. 26 Students and 13 Young Graduates from various Institutions like GEC, NIT, GU, BITS, MES, Carmel, St. Xavier’s, Father Agnel College, NIO, and GMC participated.

Three experienced graduates from Mumbai and Telangana handled most of the sessions. The Bible study and doctrine of salvation sessions were led by L&T Consultant, Mumbai. The Devotions and Doctrine of Church were led by Retired Principal, Govt. College, Telangana. The practical talk sessions on Influence of Media, Discipleship & Mission on the changing world were taken by Faculty of Allen Career Institute, Mumbai.

Sessions on Uniqueness of Christ, Doctrine of Scripture, Campus witness, Excellence in studies, Quiet time workshops were presented by graduates and staff from Goa. DTC – 2020 was a sweet time of fellowship, great learning and dedicating our lives in God’s hands to abide in Him and bear fruits for Him. It has thus enlightened the campers in every aspect.
We had a wonderful time of 2/2 and outing at Bogmalo beach near our camp site. We specially prayed for the financial needs of the National in our prayer time. And we discussed about the regular contribution from all our 8 cell groups. It was quite an unexpected experience from a state with very few members who came forward willingly and we were able to raise Rs. 75,000 for meeting the present national deficit.

Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ for his abundant blessings and for providing all our needs. We also thank God for His provisions in providing us 2 houses outside the UESI family, and 1 from our graduate for free of cost to conduct it as a home camp. One family from Vasco Marthoma Church, one family from Methodist church. The success of the camp is absolutely the result of our earnest prayers and for which we are grateful to all our prayer partners and all our UESI family for your prayer support. Kindly do continue to uphold UESI-GOA Ministry in your regular prayers (@ 7:00pm – 7:10pm or at your convenient time)

Shogun, GEC


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