Communication & Networking Department


No matter what ministry you are involved in, you cannot escape from communication. Yes, you need to communicate; and Communication & Networking Department (hereafter referred to as CND) is here to facilitate.

CND is the official voice of the UESI leadership internally to ensure consistency, continuity and timeliness in communications. It supports the UESI movement and its vision by producing, publishing and/or promoting relevant print, Audio Visual and other media resources, thus equipping and enabling the constituency to express themselves on various issues through relevant media.

It also serves as the official face and voice of UESI externally – by voicing UESI’s stand on various issues, promoting UESI’s ministries/projects and promoting relevant networking with other organizations.

Committee Members: M/s Sony Abraham, Chairman, Sony Farmer Networking Cell, Madhan Kumar – Media Cell, Sunny Pradeep – Campus Link, Gifty Joel – member, Saji Easo, GS Ex officio, Manjula Lazarus, FS Secretary and T. Athma Soruban CND Secretary
Staff: M/s. Wilson, Prince, Nivedita, Beulah Soruban, Prabhu Varakumar and Athma Soruban
Part time Staff: M/s Sarah Anji and Preeti Khristmukti.

Thank God for,

  • The regular publication of periodicals and the team that helps
  • The Communication Workshop 2018 and 2019 and their long-lasting impact in the constituency
  • The updated website

Pray for,

  • Need of staff to coordinate publication in various Indian languages and in English
  • Formation of Editors’ Guild pan India to train them and to facilitate the growth of State level newsletters and magazines
  • Organizing State or Zonal Level Communication Workshops to be organized

Functions of CND:
1. Supporting UESI Leadership, on internal and external communications (including contents for UESI Websites/In-touch Newsletter, Campus Link magazine and moderation of UESI E-groups and blogs)
2. Training the writers, editors and media personnel through Communication Workshops.
3. Producing and promoting literature and media resources relevant for UESI movement and to the Church through UESI’s Publishing House IVP India
4. Supporting in various printing, publications and productions via the UESI Publication Trust, other Publishing houses and media production corporations
5. Producing literature and Audio-Visual media in any Indian language
6. Promoting various ministries and projects of UESI.
7. Networking with other organizations – including churches, theological institutions, ecumenical bodies, mission organizations, social organizations, professional associates and IFES.


1.0. Communication:
1.1. Disseminating Information through UESI InTouch: We produce 12 issues of UESI InTouch with at least 1 transformation story in every edition. We ensure that all those who receive state newsletters & magazine receive UESI InTouch which serves as the mouth piece in sharing the good work happening in the field and regular communication from the leadership to the constituency.
1.2. Disseminating Information through Campus Link by producing it on a bi-monthly basis. You can also read the e-version of Campus Link in the after a month’s time. We promote Campus Link among our members and believers at large and raise subscription
1.3. Hindi Literature Cell: It produces Campus Link Bi-monthly and UESI InTouch monthly. Hindi Literature is involved in producing Hindi Books and in translation of books into Hindi.
1.4. Training our members in writing and media by organizing Communication Workshop. We also facilitate State or Zonal units to identify and train members through local workshops
1.5. Database: We help check / correct the blocked addresses of CL subscribers. We add new members in the mailing list. Maintaining/updating writers’ database for their continued support

2.0. Media
2.1. Disseminating Information through Websites – Uploading contents, redesigning and updating the design of the website.
2.2. Disseminating Information through Yahoo groups by moderating group mails from Board members, leaders and staff; sharing the e-version of UESI InTouch, communicating the UESI’s concerns and raising prayer support for ministry
2.3. Production of Audio-visual materials
2.4. Uploading e-version of UESI InTouch and Campus Link in the and websites respectively
2.5. Creating official email ids ( for staff and committee members

3.0. Networking
3.1 Relevantly network, on behalf of UESI leadership, to external forums – including churches, theological institutes, mission organizations, social organizations, professional associates and IFES – on various items as follows:
a) Events that are open for others to participate
b) Stands on contemporary social and theological issues
c) Any other relevant partnerships.
3.2. Maintaining a comprehensive database of relevant networking contacts with other organizations – including churches, theological institutes, ecumenical bodies, mission organizations, social organizations, professional associates and IFES.
3.3. Promote relevant networking with other organizations – including churches, theological institutes, ecumenical bodies, mission organizations, social organizations, professional associates, IFES and any Christian organizations – as per the policy papers
3.4. Review and recommend updates to the following 2 policy papers periodically:
a) Inter-organizational networking partnership and cooperation
b) Inter-denominational principle of working
3.5. Coordinate trips within India for IFES, other foreign teams, and from other Indian Christian Organizations which request for various kinds of exposure related to UESI ministries.
3.6. Promote the various ministries and projects of UESI – outside the constituency including preparation of power points, clippings, calendars, brochures, videos, etc.

4.0. Book Production
4.1. Producing relevant books for our constituency in English and Hindi; encouraging State units to produce the same in their respective vernaculars
4.2. Networking with other Christian Publishers.
4.3. Tracts, brochures and folders required by departments of UESI and UESI Board
4.4. Evangelistic and discipling videos to meet the requirements of our constituency


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