“CMTC one of the opportunities that God gave me in my life to get closer to God. Now I love to study Bible. It encouraged me to read spiritual books also and I learnt a time-keeping disciplined life”. Alisha Christiana

“CMTC made me realize that I am not the only one who is going through difficulties, there are many like me and God wants me to be there for them. I realized how I should be clean from the inside in order to share his love with others. I want to be as humble as Christ is”. Evangeline David

“CMTC K2 was a package of life-changing things. ‘…Study Forums’ turned my eyes into the next level of understanding the need for true innovations which actually pleases GOD and benefits the nation’s building with the new advancements. It again made me realize how godly people are important in every field of society which leads us to be desperate to encourage students for good projects. ..” Sunad Kumar

“I have laid the foundation of my faith with a byte size stone.CMTC has given me the strength to put in a big stone supported by those small stones I have gathered. More so every QT was a moment of Revival for me. Characters like Job, Daniel, Joseph and Paul and Timothy aremy models and teachers.” David Hoakip

Such are some of the responses of my friends who attended CMTC K2 which was held from 8th to 22nd June in Highfield, Kotagiri. 46 participants representing 13 states and 5 zones made the CMTC colourful. It was a time of fellowship, learning and growing together. Friends from various backgrounds could really experience God’s touch in their lives and they could dedicate their life for the glory of God.

Reciting memory verses including the seniors, hearing seniors’ stories during testimony time, spending personal time with friends across the nation were some of the encouraging factors in the camp.

We all were in tears when we saw servant leadership unfolded through the lives of our seniors throughout the camp especially through the feet washing ceremony in the last night of the camp.

Also, we want to thank the Lord for the provision of finance. He enabled us to conclude the camp with surplus and we are thrilled to see HIS faithfulness in every bit of CMTC. All glory to God.

Tanya Kesarvani


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