CMTC 2018 – Kotagiri 1


For 38 student leaders who came from across the nation to Highfield, the mountain top stay for 15 days was a life changing glorious experience. CMTC18 K1 was held from 16th-30th May 2018 at High field, Kotagiri. My heart is filled with nostalgic feelings as I pen down a few highlights. The sessions on doctrines were thought provoking; PBS & GBS sessions were comprehensive and industrious; handbook and practical sessions were down to earth and evening devotions were truly heart-touching.

Apart from serious learning we had fun on our visit to Ooty for picnic. Through Flash mob at botanical garden we distributed gospel tracts to many gathered. For many of us flash mob was a first, and a learning experience.

On the other hand, Quiet day was one of the best and a life -time experience in the camp where God spoke to us personally through lyrics, poems, prayers and the beauty of his creation itself.

Last supper on 29th evening was a very special night for the campers. Arrangements for candle light dinner and washing the feet-Legacy of UESI behind the scene came as a big package surprise. Washing of the feet by seniors in particular melted many hearts and brought tears and brought to a thought provoking realization of Jesus’ love and humility. In the later part of the night, we had talent round where many participated.

Here are some of the commitments and feedbacks by the delegates:

“I will memorize one bible verse each month and read the entire bible in a year’s time.”
“I will study God’s word diligently, cut it straight and proclaim his gospel through personal Evangelism by first getting to know about the other person and his faith.”
“I want to improve my study life in the campus to glorify his name through my academic life.”
“Amidst everyday struggles against sin I have to crucify my sinful nature as a merciless soldier.”
“I will do PBS once a week, first PBS then comes GBS and do fasting once a month.”
“I will take my committee responsibilities seriously once I go back to my EU and be a servant leader. I will fill the EU membership form.”
“I will work on my spiritual gifts and use them to bring glory to God’s kingdom alone.”
In Christ’s love,

Limasangla Jamir (Santiniketan EU)


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