Christmas Season – Let us reach-out to our friends


“Then they said to one another – we are not doing right; this is the day of GOOD NEWS, and we remain silent. If we wait till morning light, some punishment will come upon us. Now, therefore come, let us GO and tell the king’s household” 2 Kings 7: 9

Beloved Brothers and Sisters,
Greetings in the matchless name of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ
Its Christmas season once again!!! Though we do not know the exact birth date of Jesus, this season marks several celebrations right from market place to the churches and homes. As EUs and EGFs, across the country we will also be having several hundreds of Christmas get togethers. Oh what a joy, to see students and graduates introducing CHRIST to their friends. Over the years, through these small and big Christmas programmes at EGF homes and EU cells the gospel has reached to several hundreds of our friends.
Praise the Lord !!!

At the same time, it is good for us to introspect, how well are we taking EVANGELISM as a priority these days. Having received so much from God in terms of resources, are we ALL passionate to share the gospel to that proportion? As a movement we have been known for evangelism- taking best efforts, collectively focussed in “personal evangelism” – with students and graduates praying/singing daily-

“Lead me to a soul today.
O teach me Lord, just what to say;
Friends of mine are lost in sin;
And cannot find their way.

Few are there who seem to care, few are there who pray;
Melt my heart, and fill my life, Give me one soul today”
While the above was a chorus to sing, we had hymnals that reminded us

I think we have to re-capture that priority once again. As the world is in turmoil, people are frantic for peace and security, it’s unfortunate that several millions are perishing without any opportunity to hear the gospel. Somehow, sadly, evangelism has become a less priority and thereby leaving millions to perish without hope.
Each day, these days our morning breaks with the news headlines on terrors and calamities. A quick-scan through of the year that is going by, 2017 also would terrify us. Wars and rumours of wars, nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom, famines, hurricanes, earthquakes and with man-made and natural calamities, the world by now is a boiling pot. Except in Christ, in whom else can we find hope? Time has come for us to pray with more passion for souls for God to equip us with His ways and means to reach more. Yes, let us pray with more passion like John Knox prayed for his countrymen “give me Scotland or I die”

So, this Christmas season, let us reach-out to all our friends- giving them an opportunity to know the Saviour.
By any chance, as a graduate/student if you are not involved in sharing the good news. May I encourage, you to and INVOLVE, like the lepers in 2Kings who said to one another – “we are not doing right. This is the day of GOOD NEWS, and we remain silent. If we wait till morning light, some punishment will come upon us. Now, therefore come, let us GO and tell the king’s household” 2 Kings 7: 9

Also, let us pray all the more this season, that the gospel will go to our friends in all clarity and that the Lord will bless our efforts and prepare our friends to receive Him.

On Finances, as reported earlier, we are now taking an effort to close December without any deficit. Though November inflows were good, enabling us to disburse the staff salaries etc before month-end, we still lag by over
Kindly be in prayer for 78L in the next 15 days (as we have a practice of closing December with staff salaries along with Christmas Gifts before 15th December). Please pray and participate…

With you in Christ
Reji. K. Daniel

“Oh ye saints arouse be earnest, Up and work while yet its day.
Ere the night of death o’ertak thee, Strive for souls while still you may”


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