Christian Home Seminar


It was held in Kotagiri from May 1st – 5th 2019. Attended by 18 singles, 20 couples and 7 senior couples, the delegates hailed from Southern states of KA, TN, AP, TS, GJ and Jharkhand. The seminars began on the 1st morning with keynote address from the program director Mrs. Gouri Kumari. The participants in group took turns to lead worship and morning devotions.

The evening devotions focused on the aspect of Inner healing – overcoming the negative influences of nature and nurture led by Br John Lazarus. Dr Samson Gandhi from Person to Person ministries, Hyderabad was the main speaker for the premarital group. Br Prabhu Dhanaraj and Deborah Dhanaraj from Bangalore were in charge of this group. Dr Spurgeon and Dr Rachael Spurgeon from Bangalore, were in charge of Group 2, which comprised of 20 couples – the sessions were led by former staff couple – Mr. Stanly and Mrs. Fanny. There were separate sessions on health and nutrition led by the Spurgeons for all the groups. The third group comprising of senior couples were addressed by Dr Matthew Jacob. The group leaders were Mr. Sunil and Debby Nallapalli from Bangalore. They also handled sessions on Open Home for all the groups. Mrs. Manjula Lazarus took sessions on empty nest syndrome and handling the silver years for Group 3. The sessions were well received by all groups.

Continue to pray for the consistent application in their families, that they may lead exemplary lives. Sis Stilla, the program coordinator was not able to join due to ill health. CHS Dehradun will be held from June 4th – 7th. Continue to pray for this program and all arrangements.

Prabhu Sathyanathan Dhanaraj, CHS, Kotagiri


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